Letter to the editor: Biden continues to have trouble with the truth

Published 2:13 pm Wednesday, December 14, 2022

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To the editor:

I just had to write and set the record straight on Sleepy Joe because we don’t get that from the legacy media or any newspapers.  Here are some President Biden’s lies.

On May 12, Biden said when he took office there was no vaccine available. Remember both he and Kamala made a big show if getting the jab before they took office.

In a July 2022 at a CNN town hall he told people “you’re not going to get Covid if you’re vaccinated.”  (He got it twice in July and has had shots and boosters.

Then remember his September 2022 “60 Minutes” interview, Biden said the pandemic “is over”.  Yet the military is still requiring Covid shots and kicking people out of the service without them.

In an economic speech in New York Biden said gas was down from the over $50 a gallon when he took office. It was $2.39

At a Mack Truck facility, Biden said he “used to drive 18 wheelers, man.” He never did.

On the fall campaign trail, Biden took credit for the coming 8.7% Social Security increase for 2023. It was his huge spending that caused all the inflation.

Time and time again Biden has mischaracterized the Trump tax cuts as only helping the wealthy,  when in fact the Tax Policy Center said 60-76% of taxpayers benefited.

Biden, not Vice President Harris, have never been to the southernborder to see the problems they have caused, yet the White House press secretary keeps saying he has.  (Fair Analysis estimates that 4.9 million illegal aliens have crossed our border since Sleepy Joe took office.

On Oct. 23, he told young activists “that he had just signed the debt forgiveness act into law and he got it passed by a vote or two (Wrong, done by executive order.).

Let’s not forget the ongoing tale of Hunter, his laptop and Joe saying he had no conversation with his son on any of those illicit business deals that put our country at risk. Remember, Joe is called “The Big Guy” all through the recorded conversations. Of course, the legacy media, Facebook and Twitter kept this from us on orders of Biden back in the fall of 2020.  Now with Musk taking over at Twitter, all this corruption (way worse than Watergate) is being exposed.

The job of White House press secretary would not be fun as they have to go into action every day right after Joe speaks. Usually they are backtracking from what he said but lately they have been caught up in the lying to the press as much as Joe.  Must be the New Democratic Party.

John Nelms,     Advance