Letter to the editor: Support educators, not create division

Published 2:46 pm Wednesday, November 16, 2022

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To the editor:

I would like to thank Dr. (Darin) Hartness for advocating for our college students here in Davie County. In order for our bright young adults to get a well-rounded education that will serve them greatly in the future, they must be exposed to other points of view, differing cultures and socio-economic theories. This is not “indoctrination”, but rather a means to foster empathy, compassion and intelligent thought in a world full of hate, extremism and fear-mongering.

It is a parent’s duty to build the spiritual foundation and value system in their children’s lives. As such, we must allow our competent and trained educators to form the intellectual direction of our youth. Politicians who want to impart misinformation and/or their own fundamentalist beliefs on the rest of us have no place making these decisions. I would much rather speak to an actual educator about what they are teaching than listen to politicians and certain news organizations, who only place misinformation on a platter to the public to serve themselves.

As a parent and grandparent in Davie, I have seen the hard work and determination of our educators and I am very thankful for the long hours and extra care they give so effortlessly. We are very blessed to have the educational system that we have here, and my children would not be successful in their occupations had it not been for the educational foundation provided by Davie County Schools.

Let’s encourage our youth and support our educators, not tear them down and create division.

Misty Hall