Editorial: Bed races prove to be a good move for Mocksville

Published 5:44 pm Wednesday, November 16, 2022

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Come to Downtown Mocksville Friday night, and have a blast.

It’s a tradition.

The annual ‘Twas the Night Before” bed races will take place, bringing hundreds – maybe thousands – of spectators into town just to be part of the fun.

And it is fun.

It doesn’t matter that most of the teams entered in the bed race take it seriously – very seriously. They want to win. They load their teams with fit athletes. They buy the latest in wheel technology. They buy into some pretty outrageous theories as to what will make their bed the fastest and easiest to maneuver.

That doesn’t always work, so you folks watching from the front row beware: sometimes the racers lose control and the beds go off course. Be ready.

These aren’t your normal beds. There are a few restrictions, including one brave person riding in the bed while others push. The bed creations teams come up with is pretty interesting. The decorations and costumes are even more interesting – downright entertaining.

The race officially kicks off the Christmas season in Davie County. There’ll be plenty of music, games and street dancing in between some of the races. In other words, a good time should be had by all.

I remember well that first bed race. Tami Langdon and Denise Hendrix had worked long hours beforehand, but I don’t think they nor anyone else really knew what to expect. But it was obvious after that first race that this had to become an annual event. Folks had a blast, laughing and cheering from the sidewalks well into the night.

It was that popular. And it was that much fun. The state’s Main Street group recognized that as well, and awarded Mocksville the event of the year a few years back.

Event of the year?

You betcha, and it happens right here in Mocksville.

The first race starts soon after 6 p.m., but Main Street in downtown will be closed starting at 5. Traffic getting into town could be heavy, so arrive early. Drive slowly, and watch out for pedestrians. Restaurants will be open. Food trucks will be on site.

The weather forecast is for clear skies and cool temperatures. We couldn’t ask for a more fun way to usher in the Christmas season.

See you there.

– Mike Barnhardt