Letter to the editor: A prayer for our neighbors

Published 11:43 pm Wednesday, November 9, 2022

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To the editor:

Holy One, we are burdened with frustration and anger at the injustice we witness all around. Forgive us, Lord, when we let fear rule our hearts and minds before looking for Your image in the person next to us. Forgive us, Lord, for forgetting that you so loved the world and all the splendors that come in many skin tones, cultural practices, and belief systems. Forgive us, Lord, for taking Your name in vain when we coopt it for power, control, and personal motives. May we seek to deepen our relationships with others without coercing conformity to our beliefs.

In Your great mystery, we seek Your wisdom. Guide us in our humanity, prone to failure and selfish needs, to help bring Your kingdom to earth. Open our eyes to see the kin-dom that surrounds us in our community. Help us to honor the many diversities among us and love without condition. May we be humble as we learn from our neighbors. Sowing compassion in our words and deeds, that we may be conduits of connection to You.

God of all peoples, grant us vision to see You in our midst. May we be spurred to seek justice and show mercy with more than empty words. For the cast out and wounded in the name of church may they find safe places for healing. For those judged with contempt, overwhelm them with Your love. For those without a home, seeking refuge from near or far, hear their needs. Guide us, their neighbors, in how to show up. For the many whose God goes by another name or none at all, may we hear each other with the universal language of love and spirituality.

Lord, in Your mercy, hear our prayers. Amen

Rev. Tiffany B. Seaford