Letter to the editor: Carroll wrong, lacks credibility

Published 2:00 am Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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To the editor:

In response to Mr. David Carroll’s opinion piece in last week’s paper: First and foremost, it is disappointing to see a current BOE member degrade and slander future BOE members. Regardless of personal views, that is never the way one would expect an appointed BOE member to conduct themselves or represent the BOE.

I would also like to say that I have been at meetings and spoken with the future BOE members Mr. Carroll was referring to, and the information he shared in his letter to the editor was false.

Mr. Carroll referenced that the future BOE members were trying to disparage how history is taught, by giving a “twisted, distorted view of the latest boogeyman theory.” That is not so. These future members have spoken with parents in the community about a course at DDCC. Certain teachers at DDCC were telling students they are privileged or oppressed because of their race, gender, and religion, which resulted in multiple students walking out of the class. Questions were asked and clarity was gained about the incident after multiple conversations had taken place between these future BOE members, the students and their parents. In fact, when speaking to members of the community about the incident, the future BOE members made it very clear these issues were not being taught in the Davie County Schools and referenced the non-discrimination policy the Davie County Schools stands behind.

Again, Mr. Carroll has not been at any meetings where this was discussed with the community and from what I understand he has never contacted nor has he had conversations with these future BOE members he chose to publicly disparage. If he had ever had a conversation with any future BOE member that he chose to write false information about, the people of Davie County may be able to put an ounce of credit into his words.

Ron Bivins,     Mocksville