Cana/Pino: Breakfast Saturday at Wesley Chapel

Published 2:02 pm Thursday, September 15, 2022

By  Betty Etchison West

Cana/Pino Correspondent

The members of Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church invite you to breakfast on Saturday, Sept. 17, 6:30-10:00 a. m.  The menu will be the same as in previous years: country ham, sausage, scrambled eggs, grits, red-eye gravy, sawmill gravy, baked apples, and home-made biscuits. Coffee and juice will be served along with jellies and jams. The price will be donations.Enjoy a good country breakfast and visit with friends.

Eaton’s Baptist Church members are planning for the 250th anniversary of their church on Sunday, Oct. 2. They hope many former members will be able to return. Eaton’s may have the longest history of any church in the area.

Bob Ellis returned from a Caribbean cruise with his son, Robert Ellis, and his grandson, Jayden Ellis, a great adventure for young Jayden. Bob is staying in Raleigh to help with Jayden while his mother is visiting her family in the Philippines.

Recently, I was a patient at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist, Davie Medical Center. My stay there was very gratifying, and I feel that Davie people are fortunate to have such an outstanding facility. I was so pleased to have two outstanding Davie people care for me.  There were perhaps more, but there were two who were the children of people I worked with in the Davie Schools. One was my night nurse, Janna Seamon, R.N., the daughter of Jerry and Jane Seamon of the Davie Academy community. Jane worked for many years as a teacher assistant at Cooleemee Elementary.  Janna is not only a registered nurse but also a caring individual. The other is Luke Naylor, P.A. who is indeed a fine physician’s assistant.  He seems to cover the entire hospital at least part of the time.  He certainly did a fine job caring for me. Both of his parents worked with me while I worked for Davie County School: Tammy Naylor, who was the finance officer, and Todd Naylor, who was in charge of the buses.   Luke graduated at Carolina and then did his physician’s assistant training at Wake Forest Baptist Medical School.  Luke, his wife, and baby live near Farmington.

I worked for Davie Schools for many years, and it always makes me so happy when Davie students excel.

My friend, Jane Testerman of Mooresville, visited me at Davie and then went to visit a friend who was in an Atrium Hospital in Charlotte. She called me back and said, “You don’t realize how lucky you are to be in that beautiful hospital in Davie County.”

The West/ Tutterow/Burchette/Cujas families are enjoying having a new baby in the family. Those of us who do not have to spend nighttime hours caring for her are extremely proud of Birdie Frances Burchette, now a bit over 2 months old.  Birdie is my fourth great-grandchild, which makes me feel old, but that old age means that I can just enjoy the baby instead of caring for her daily needs.  My other precious great-grandchildren are: Reese Tutterow, a junior at Davie High; Harper Tutterow, in her last year at Ellis Middle; and Joseph Burchette, a first year student at Ellis.

The death of Queen Elizabeth has kept me glued to the television. The Queen is just six years older than I am. I kept up with her as she grew up through newspapers, magazines, and radio.  There was no television until after I was grown. I saw her playing with her sister, driving an ambulance during World War II, marrying her prince, becoming queen and having a family. Of course, television has made it easier to follow the queen’s family and activities. She remained a calming presence during personal and national crises and for that I have admired her. I feel a bit like I have lost a friend.