Early college students learn importance of community service

Published 6:00 pm Saturday, September 10, 2022

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By Vidhi Sharma

and Elyn Murphy

Davie County Early

College students

On Aug. 26, Davie County Early College students connected with local agencies and organizations at the inaugural Community Service Fair.

This took place during the school’s weekly Phoenix Friday. To the Early College, Phoenix Fridays are a time to get together with classmates and build school culture.

For the fair, volunteers from organizations around the area came to the school to speak with students about community service opportunities.

“This will help make my communication skills better and branch out to people I’ve never seen before,” says Jhonel Marlow, a sophomore.

Students were encouraged to explore options that correspond with their interests.

Bentley Rivers, a freshman, reflected on her time spent at the fair. “I really enjoy working with little kids, so the activities at Cognition Davie were really interesting to me.”  Community service has always been an essential value of the school.

“I remember when I was a student here, having the opportunity to connect with the community through service, and I wanted the same for our students today,” said Joey Davis, a teacher at the who organized the event.

Early College students Andre Ascencio-Moreno and Brianna Lewis talk about volunteer opportunities with Allyson Floyd from Rescue Ranch in Statesville.
– Photo by Lucas Shoffner, Davie Early College student

This year, the Early College is participating in many more service projects including clean-up days at local parks, canned food drives l, and reading groups at the elementary schools.

“Volunteering helps to build character and involve the younger generation in the community,” Davis said.

Casey Price, a representative from Second Harvest Food Bank said to the group: “You guys are the future, you guys have creativity. We always need new people to keep the future going.” With new ideas and helping hands, Davie County can continue to flourish.”