Cooleemee: School boasts teacher, principal of the year

Published 9:33 am Wednesday, August 31, 2022

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By KC Smith

Cooleemee Correspondent

First day of school has begun and excitement was in the air at Cooleemee School Monday morning.

Some children weren’t sure where to go to find their class but there was always a helping hand at their side to take them to their teacher.

For security reasons, parents weren’t allowed to enter the school with their child this year, but all hands on deck helped direct the flow so everyone was in their seat before announcements.

Principal Angie Burgess made announcements over the intercom, which included a warm welcome to the students.

After pledge of allegiance to the flag, there was a moment of silence, then they recited the schools motto: “I will be safe. I will be honest. I will have an ‘I Can’ attitude. I will be noticeably responsible and respectful. I will be a leader and ready to learn.”

The goal for the day was to be kind and make new friends.

Ms. Burgess as usual was outside, talking to parents, walking down the hall helping students who needed guidance. She was everywhere with a confident walk, clear voice that had a tone of joy, comfort and a strong supporting leader.

Ms. Burgess will be walking the halls this year carrying the title of Principal of the year for Davie County Schools.  Congratulations.