School board OKs personnel decisions

Published 9:09 am Thursday, August 25, 2022

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The following personnel changes were approved by the Davie County Board of Education Aug 2.

Employment: Wesley Allred, band teacher, South Davie; Vincent Bellomo, EC instructional assistant/bus driver, South Davie; Annika Pinillos-Dunkel, teacher, Pinebrook; Brandi Falder, instructional assistant/bus driver, Pinebrook; Linda Gough, EC instructional assistant/bus driver, Davie; Madison Griffin, PE instructional assistant/bus driver, Shady Grove; Heather Hepler, EC instructional assistant/bus driver, Cornatzer; Mary Kate Hinshaw, substitute teacher; Kimberly Smith, EC OCS/collaborative teacher, Davie; Cheree Cardwell, counselor, William R. Davie; Allison Carter, teacher, Cornatzer; Kelly Clem, instructional assistant/bus driver, Mocksville; Shani Correll, instructional assistant/bus driver, Mocksville; Candace Greer, 10-month custodian, William R. Davie; Tony Hackett, instructional assistant/bus driver, Mocksville; Kristen Hatcher, office manager, Shady Grove; Stephanie Hernon, EC program specialist, Central Davie; Tiffany W. Johnson, pre-K, instructional assistant; Debra Knudson, music teacher, Shady Grove/William R. Davie; Leslie Kovich, math teacher, William Ellis; Brandi Porter, English teacher, Davie; Matthew Pruitt, parttime driver’s education instructor; Susan Randall, temporary instructional assistant, Mocksville; Veronica Summers, instructional assistant/bus driver, Cooleemee; and Charles Ward, 12-month custodian, William R. Davie.

For information only (not voted on):

Reassignment: Teresa Carter, assistant principal, William Ellis; Melissa Kistner, EC program specialist, Central Davie; Anita York, bus driver, Cornatzer/Davie; Randy Athey, AID instructional assistant, North Davie; Misty Byerly, EC instructional assistant/bus driver, Cooleemee; Dee Dee Clark, media instructional assistant/bus driver, Pinebrook; Diana Daniel, school nutrition

assistant, South Davie; Mark Faulkner, 12-month custodian, Mocksville; Norma

Jones, temporary EC instructional assistant, North Davie; Anna Matthews,

parttime EC teacher, Shady Grove; Kevin Mixon, 12-month head custodian, South

Davie; Elizabeth Morrison, parttime EC teacher, Cornatzer; Vanity Steele,

instructional assistant substitute/bus driver, South Davie; Victoria West, pre-K

instructional assistant, Pre-K; and Jeremy Whitaker, shop lead, Maintenance.

Resignation: Angie Allen, school nutrition manager, Shady Grove; Etta

Beauchamp, support specialist, Early College; Jeannine Davis, EC teacher, Davie;

Heather Daywalt, teacher, Cornatzer; Wendy Drane, teacher, Pinebrook; Stephanie

Hurst, teacher, Pinebrook; Leslie McCraw, instructional assistant/bus driver,

Pinebrook; Wellah Nimley, instructional assistant/bus driver, Shady Grove; Emma

Robertson, EC instructional assistant/bus driver; Ward Wilson, band director,

South Davie; Casey Dillow, instructional assistant, Central Davie; Jennifer

Gambill, counselor, Davie; Alanna Kotas, assistant principal, William Ellis; and

James R. Williams, EC instructional assistant/bus driver, Davie.