Letter to the editor: Paint Bermuda Run canvas the right way

Published 9:44 am Thursday, August 25, 2022

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To the editor:

On Sept. 13,  Bermuda Run Town Council will meet to discuss rezoning the parcel of land behind Lowe’s Foods to High Density/Conditional Zoning. The property is owned by Hillsdale Group, LLC. Homes Urban plan is to purchase the property to construct 270 apartment units on approximately 16 acres of land. They have stated this is the only parcel they are interested in and high-density apartments is the only project they will consider.

The Planning and Zoning Board met last week with Homes Urban and many members of our town. Homes Urban presented the plan and approximately 15 residents in their lime green opposition t-shirts spoke out loud and clear in opposition in a room full of green. The Planning Board with the exception of the chair voted in opposition.  Residents who spoke were all opposed.

On Sept, 13, decisions will be made which will impact our town forever.  The question to council is: “As you consider this rezoning request, we ask that you consider how are you going to paint the canvas, which is our town?”

Their strokes on this canvas will determine if the town is filled with concerned homeowners or if the picture should be of a town with constant turnover of temporary residents and a corporate owner who is committed to selling the properties in 3-5 years to another firm without any commitment or concern the residents of Bermuda Run.

Over 750 residents have signed a petition to deny rezoning. We believe that maintaining the current zoning paints a much prettier picture for the quaint town that we’ve all invested in when selecting Bermuda Run for our home.

Hillsdale Group, LLC has a bird in the hand. We believe the beauty of our town should enable them to find another buyer willing to add to this canvas in a manner much more beautiful than high-density apartments, more in tune with the goals of our town, and more acceptable to current residents without rezoning the property.

Please let town council members know if you are opposed. Let’s keep the canvas that portrays Bermuda Run as stated in our Mission Statement …

“Above all else, our goal is to preserve the integrity of our small-town living, so you can live well and Just Be.”

Cathy Ring,     Bermuda Run