Letter to the editor: Bermuda Run residents concerned about influx of apartments

Published 11:01 am Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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To the editor:

Decisions concerning the makeup of Bermuda Run are rapidly approaching. Homes Urban and Hillsdale Group LLC are seeking rezoning of just over 20 acres of land, within the town limits, to construct 270 apartments. The current zoning would allow 160 units to be built but Urban has stated they are only interested in the higher density.

I am strongly opposed to this rezoning and I’m aware of two petitions, each signed by over 450 people who feel the same way.

The construction of these units will bring the number of apartments within our town limits to near 30 percent.

 Many homeowners question the wisdom of building a transient population base verse a base of owners committed to the prosperity and wellbeing of the Town of Bermuda Run.

The proposed rezoning has attracted attention for residents living on both sides of Interstate 40.  The residents of Kinderton Village will be most impacted by this rezoning. The rezoning lies on land just behind the Lowe’s shopping center and the neighborhood of Kinderton Village. The rezoning would mean that as many as 33 percent of all housing units in Bermuda Run north of the interstate would be apartments.

Legally, our planning board must hear the request for conditional rezoning. They have already recommended against rezoning under a separate filing, at which time the request was withdrawn by Homes Urban before the council vote as they were told as proposed, it likely wouldn’t pass.  The hope is that again the planning board will recognize that this is not in the best interests of The Town of Bermuda Run or for the residents of Kinderton Village.

The Town Council of Bermuda Run, while not required to follow the recommendation of the planning board, will then hold a public hearing concerning the rezoning and either approve or deny the request.

I am strongly opposed to the requested rezoning and hope that the rumors I’ve heard for years, that the money talks in Davie County, is just a rumor. Never has anyone suggested that any official is taking money for their vote. The suggestion is that, what is good for those with deep roots and money is good for all, and their requests may be looked upon differently than less connected individuals.

While sadly disappointed that this rezoning has been requested, I am firmly committed to the belief that the result of this rezoning request, allowing 15 units per acre instead of the 8 in the current zoning classification, would never have been considered by the founders of Bermuda Run. Furthermore, contrary to claims by the seller of the property, Bill Burnette, would never have wanted this zoning connected to his vision of Kinderton.

For those of you who knew Mr. Burnette, you will be well aware that if this was part of his vision for Kinderton it would have been zoned for high density apartments years ago.

Monetarily benefiting a few locals and an outside investment group should never ever be more important than the vision upon which a town is built nor the overwhelming opposition to changes being made to benefit a few at the risk of hurting many.

Lennie Ring

Bermuda Run