Letter to the editor: Biden ‘sorriest’ president in country’s history

Published 12:42 pm Tuesday, July 19, 2022

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To the editor:

Biden says he’s creating jobs; but for who? Nobody wants to work.  The U.S. government is paying people not to work. We don’t need more jobs. We need people to fill the ones we already have.

Biden has caused the terrible increase in the cost of gas. He shut the pipeline down with the stroke of the pen on his first day in office. Instead of the US selling oil, Biden is now trying to buy oil from other countries; all the while the cost of a gallon of gas in the USA  has skyrocketed.

Biden is trying to cram electric cars down our throats.  If we do go that route just think of how much it’s going to cost in taxpayer dollars to purchase them for use by all the personnel who have government cars. We could save a lot of fuel and taxpayer dollars if Biden would park Air Force One and Marine One, the helicopter he uses, as well as all the large SUVs used by other government employees.  They don’t operate on a dime.

Biden and his Democrat buddies are constantly refferring to the Constitution in connection with our rights, namely abortion and the right to bear arms. Abortion is not mentioned in the Constitution. If willing participants don’t want to take the chance of an unwanted pregnancy then they should use reliable birth control or abstain from having sex.

However, the right to bear arms is clearly one of our rights as set forth in the Constitution. Yet Biden is trying to take away the rights of gun owners. If you think taking away everybody’s gun will make you safer, you need to think again.  Criminals will continue to have access to guns.

Biden blames Putin for practically everything that’s happening.  I’ve got news for him. It’s not Putin’s fault.  The blame lies with Biden and most of the Democrats. He must think that he’s fooling the American people. Some of them, maybe. But not all. He would probably like to take away our freedom of speech. That’s about all we have left.  But before that happens, we should use that freedom and remove Biden from office.

I believe that Biden thinks he’s pulling the wool over everybody’s eyes, especially where his son, Hunter, is concerned. I can’t believe that he just keeps on lying to the American people and we keep on letting it slide. I don’t know how he keeps on showing his lying face day after day after day.  He’s too spineless to be president of the greatest country on earth, the United States of America.

Biden said he was going to unite us. Instead, he’s tearing us apart.

He’s also the force behind the terrible inflation. We don’t really have a United States anymore.  Biden has messed it up in slightly over a year.  He’s the sorriest president we’ve ever had and he needs to go.                               

                   Brenda S. Burton