Letter to the Editor: Do some digging to find the truth

Published 10:44 am Thursday, July 14, 2022

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To the editor:

I simply cannot help but to reply to “Hold the liars accountable” letter printed June 30. It is a perfect example how a good, concerned person can be so terribly misled.

The “well meaning” person who shot up the pizza place in 2016 was mentally ill.

Hilary Clinton has been a less than honorable Secretary of State.

The Jan. 6 hearings are a total lie. The demonstration at the Capitol was by a group of overzealous patriots that got out of hand. The Democrat-led hearings are a total lie.

Contrast this with the two-plus years of terrorizing Seattle, Portland, Kenosha and many other cities.

You are right that our founders developed a “system of laws, policies and taxes to allow our country to grow stronger with human and civil rights.” It is called the Constitution of the United States of America and it is currently being picked apart by those in power.

The free press is not free; it has been bought and paid for. The national networks and cable news is so corrupt it is pitiful. I’m not saying you can believe everything they say. I am saying you can’t believe anything they say. We do, however, have the internet and as imperfect as it is, it very often demonstrates the tremendous inconsistencies that you encounter on the national news networks.

So do a little digging on the internet to find the truth. The truth will set us free, but only if you can find it.

John Levis,     Mocksville