Letter to the editor: Abortion a moral, not a legal question

Published 9:17 am Thursday, June 16, 2022

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To the editor:

In response to the letter, “Abortion should rarely be considered” written by John Levis: I totally agree. Neither do I understand the ruckus about abortion.

However, I do understand you, John. Many years ago, my mom worked with you at Davie County Hospital and many times I have heard her describe your wonderful work ethic, your knowlege, and the care you gave to patients.

I think the overall present attitude is: “It’s all about me and what I want or don’t want right now.” Disregard the fact that if one finds himself/herself inan unwanted/unplanned pregnancy, he/she should be smart and/or responsible enough to face up to the inevitable consequences resulting from that attitude.

I do believe that the unborn child, the fetus, is a human being – a person – from the time of conception. Both the mother and father of this unborn child have already passed down genetic characteristics – color of eyes and hair, sex, physical features, etc. This baby is a separate life altogether, not just a part of the mother’s body, and, I believe, to kill this precious infant is real murder and a grievous sin. I believe there is a God who cares for the weak, theunloved, and the unprotected little unborns, and He will bring judgment. In the eyes of God, human life is very precious and it should be very precious in our eyes, as well.

In conclusion, I believe abortion is a moral question – not a legal question – and I believe God’s Word matters.

Carole P. Hallyburton,     Cleveland, NC