Year after year: Club members learn value of perennials

Published 10:28 am Thursday, May 12, 2022

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Members of the Bermuda Run Garden Club met in early May for an informative and fun field trip to Frank’s Perennial Border on Clemmonsville Road in Winston-Salem.

First Vice President and Master Gardener Donna Lamonds collaborated with Frank and staff member Jarred Faircloth to deliver a program focusing on “Color for Every Season” and highlighting many of the perennials available there.

Perennials, which are the specialty of Franks Perennial Border, differ from annuals in that annuals bloom and die in one season. Once planted in an appropriate location, perennials come back for many seasons. While the top portion of a perennial mostly dies back in winter, new growth appears the following spring from the same root system.

Jarred Faircloth, who received his horticultural training through Forsyth Tech, suggested that perennials can be used in many ways, including in borders, as specimen plants in a garden bed, as container plants, and even in window boxes. He provided information about caring for perennials, such as guidance about deadheading and choosing the right fertilizer for the plants to achieve the best results.

A worksheet was provided listing resource materials and lists suggesting perennials to plant for spring, summer, and fall blooms.  At the conclusion of the program, club members walked through the nursery and shopped for new perennials to add beauty and interest to their gardens.