Bowling and bocce in the Senior Games books

Published 10:53 am Thursday, May 12, 2022

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By Carrie Miller

Davie Senior Services

Davie County Senior Games headed back to Winston-Salem on Monday, May 2 for the bowling singles event.

Creekside Lanes bowling alley was filled with 35 bowlers aiming for the gold. If you like bowling and are 55 and older, check out more information about the SilverStrikers Bowling League that will begin this fall to prepare for next year’s senior games.

On May 3, Senior Games took over the Davie County Community Park bocce courts for three days of competition. There were more than 46 participants registered to play, so the women were split into two days of competing. The 50-74 women played on Tuesday, the women age 75+ played on Wednesday. All men played on Thursday.

Because there were so many participants and two courts, Senior Games opted for one game instead of best two out of three. Even with only one game, the mornings were well spent playing. If you’re interested in learning how to play bocce, be sure to check out the upcoming Senior Connection with more information.

Questions about Senior Games? Contact Senior Services at 336-753-6230.


• Bowling Singles: (55-59) 1st: Beth Safrit, Mike West; (60-64) 1st: Carolyn Sloan, Terry Thornett; (65-69) 1st: Caldonia Evans, Frank Burgio; 2nd: Robert Jackson; (70-74) 1st: Angela Bailey, Thomas Tucker; 2nd: Janice Jackson, Rodgers Peoples; 3rd: Mary Garcia, Ray Evans; (75-79) 1st: Judy Phillips, Larry Bailey; 2nd: Barbara Chapman, Ronnie Chapman; 3rd: Lois Green, Steve Evans; (80-84) 1st: Pearl Hainje, Henry Hagner; 2nd: Alice Barnette, Mike Barnette; 3rd: Doris Hinsdale, Gene Hinsdale; (95-99): 1st: Nancy Tutterow.

• Bocce: (60-64) 1st: Carolyn Sloan; (65-69) 1st: Maria Hall; 2nd: Susan Prim; 3rd: Ina Beavers; (70-74) 1st: Alice Monk, Lane Hall; 2nd: Kathy Mashburn, Ron Robinson; 3rd: Carolyn Foster Smith; (75-79): 1st: Lois Green, Steve Evans; 2nd: Judy Phillips, Johnnie Stallings; 3rd: Nina Stallings, Charles Mashburn; (80-84) 1st: Judy Collette, Mike Barnette; 2nd: Alice Barnette, Gene Hinsdale; 3rd: Doris Hinsdale; (85-89): 1st: Sue Allen, Bud Stroud; (90-94) 1st: George Kimberly.