Letter to the editor: Eric Farr the ‘authenticity’ candidate

Published 11:34 am Friday, May 6, 2022

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To the editor:

Like most of your readers, I value fairness and objectivity in any leadership position. Unfortunately, that is generally not to be had in the political realm these days. Thus, when I see an exception to the rule, I am compelled to let other like-minded voters know. Eric Farr, running for Davie/Davidson District Court Judge, is one such exception.

I have known Eric for over a decade. We have served together in church leadership roles, spoken at depth regarding our respective careers and basked in the small moments of family and daily life. In short, I have seen Eric in multiple facets of life and his character is apparent in each.

If it is possible to encapsulate the totality of someone with a single word, for Eric that word is authenticity. When you see him leading worship, volunteering in the community or on the job, Eric is the same compassionate person. He is level-headed and determined but empathetic with a servant’s heart.

With regard to his professional credentials, Eric has a wide breadth of knowledge that should serve him well in the role of district court judge. He has been in private practice, served as a magistrate and worked as a prosecutor. I recall two specific conversations, years apart, when Eric was weighing the moves from private practice to becoming a magistrate, then from magistrate to prosecutor. As we discussed the relative merits of his choices, he wrestled with the decisions. The reason that ultimately led him to learn these new roles: he felt that, if he were ever to have the privilege to serve the community as a judge, he wanted to understand the specific realities of as many areas of the legal system as possible. That type of foresight is difficult. He sacrificed the comfort of routine for the dissonance of change, just so he could gain the wisdom needed for this role.

I’ll close with a final glimpse into Eric’s character. I called him to tell him I had written this letter and was about to send it. His only request? “Please don’t say anything negative about other candidates. There are some good people running, and I don’t want to disparage anyone just to try to help myself.” That is the kind of private integrity that leads to exemplary public service.

Seth Carter,     Advance