Letter to the editor: Retired clerk endorses Dan Robertson

Published 9:12 am Thursday, May 5, 2022

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To the editor:

As your recently retired Clerk of Superior Court of Davie County, I am writing this letter to ask you to join me in voting for Dan Robertson for Davie County Clerk of Court. I believe Dan possess skills that are vital to managing the many duties of the office.

Many services are provided by the Clerk of Court’s office and therefore many skills are needed. Skills range from answering the telephones, preparing files for court, keeping court records, to filling out judgment forms which are reviewed and signed by District and Superior Court Judges.

While no candidate has been the Elected Clerk of Court, no candidate has had the authority to conduct hearings. Only the Elected Clerk and Assistant Clerks are authorized by law to handle certain matters. These matters include the majority of Estate cases, and Special Proceedings such as adoptions, incompetency, foreclosures, and name changes to name a few. This means that they preside as the judge, rendering judgments and drafting unique orders usually without the benefit of a form.

Dan Robertson possess education and experience that would serve you well. He is a licensed attorney who primarily works in Davie and Davidson counties. Prior to opening his own private practice Dan worked in the banking industry where he dealt with human resource matters. As a solo practitioner, Dan knows how to run his a business. He is not obligated to anyone and will hold all people accountable while serving everyone equally and fairly according to law. He understands the importance of details and how every tasks performed by the Clerk of Courts office effects someone’s life.

I believe he will share the information he has acquired over his years of experience with the staff in the clerk’s office. He is on many of the court appointed list including incompetency, civil, juvenile and criminal cases where he understands his duty to speak with his clients before their court case including the clients who are incarcerated. These experiences and his legal background enable him to read and interpret both the NC general statutes and case law.

Dan will be a teacher and a leader. He will serve Davie County with integrity and compassion.

Please join me in voting for Dan Robertson. Dan is the man, he will serve Davie County well.

Ellen Drechsler