Letter to the editor: Liberals freaking out over true stories

Published 9:12 am Thursday, May 5, 2022

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To the editor:

My how the tables have turned in just a couple of weeks.The liberals were loving when a rich guy like Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post several years ago and kept their liberal speak going in print. But now that electric vehicle billionaire and noted Libertarian, Elon Musk has had his offer for Twitter accepted, the liberal mass is freaking out because he is going to take out all the bots and algorithms that blocked the likes of true stories appearing on Twitter. Things were blocked like the New York Post’s reporting 18 months ago of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal that involves the Biden family. (Trying to allege it was the infamous Russian disinformation)

These people who are flipping out now are the same folks who started the lies about the border patrol agents on horses who they incorrectly said were whipping illegal immigrants, took 6 months to investigate what was proven false by the photographer who was there, and still haven’t apologized for their accusations.

Why are people at the Washington Post so afraid of real free speech? They and the New York Times have certainly been proven wrong on so many things the past few years, it is time we started hearing the truth up front.

Even more paranoid, the Biden administration just put in place something called the DHS Disinformation Board and as executive director puts in a Nina Jankowicz, the exact liberal spreader of all things “disinformation”. She even babbled something dumb on TikTok today, sounding somewhat like President Biden when he gives a speech these days. Incoherent!

John Nelms