Editorial: Get to know candidates; Restaurant 101 open again

Published 7:04 am Tuesday, May 3, 2022

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There’s one good thing about local politics in a small town, or small county for that matter.

If you make the effort, you can really get to know some things about the candidates you vote for. They are, after all, folks just like you. They may be retired, looking for a way to give back. They may be community-minded, and just want to make this a better place. At least that’s what we hope they’re up to.

And if you don’t know a local candidate, chances are that you know someone you trust who does. Even if you don’t, reach out, most are readily accessible; if not, you may want to scratch them off your list anyway. Don’t rely on social media posts, or more specifically, on comments made on social media posts. They give more insight into the writer than the person on the other end of the never-ending vitriol. You can read those posts, even enjoy them, but don’t rely on them.

There are events where you can expect candidates to attend. Go, and meet them for yourself. Read the newspaper. Our surveys of local candidates sometimes leaves even me still wondering who to vote for, but they do give insight into the people seeking to represent you. Read them. Seek opportunities to learn about these people.

And by all means, vote. Vote your conscience. Vote your heart. Vote your brain. Make it your decision and yours alone. But vote.


Speaking of local candidates, why would anyone want to submit themselves to that kind of lifestyle? I say lifestyle, because folks have will have no qualms about calling you at any time of the day or night. Folks will have no qualms about interrupting your family dinner at a local restaurant. Folks will have no problem thinking that your time is theirs, and you have to listen right now. Folks will have no problems throwing darts at you on social media, darts you never saw coming or didn’t expect or maybe even didn’t deserve.

But yet, people keep filing for these offices. Good people. Some have agendas – even honorable agendas – and some don’t. Some have personal insights into the job – and some don’t. It’s up to us to decide who we would rather have.

I understand the folks wanting to be sheriff, clerk of court and judge. While all these jobs are stressful, important and require more than the normal 40-hour work week, they are well-paying jobs with benefits.

But wanting to be a county commissioner or member of the school board requires an additional level of community spirit. You don’t do these for the pay or the benefits. You serve because you care.

To all candidates, we thank you. And we think that no matter who wins, you will do your best to make us better. Just remember, people will be watching and commenting. If you say it, expect it to be known across the county. If you do it, expect it to be known across the county. Go about your business as if there’s a recording going on at all times, because that’s pretty much our society right now.


Restaurant 101 is open again.

The hours may be limited because of staffing issues, but Mocksville’s iconic restaurant is back.

Thank you.

– Mike Barnhardt