Letter to the editor: Welborn compassionate and reveres the law

Published 9:18 am Monday, April 18, 2022

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To the editor:

I want to express to my community my heartfelt desire that they support Jon Welborn for District Court Judge. He embodies all the qualities that we need and deserve in a judge.

But it is the person, his heart, to which I’d like to speak. I cannot tell you how deeply grateful I am to know him. Our family experienced a tragic and unexpected loss when my son in law passed away. Jon stepped right up for his friend and has worked to help us as we put our lives back together. He has been with us in presence and prayer. He has been there in laughter and tears. I’ve seen him show the same love and encouragement to my grandchildren that he shows to his own daughters. These are not acts of obligation. These are not acts of show. These are not acts that will ever win him any glory. In fact, I suspect he’s never even thought much about these acts. But these are the honest, heartfelt acts that speak to his very innermost being.

His spirit and nature is to serve. His heart is kind. His words are true. And this is what I want everyone to know. He is above and beyond a good candidate. He is a good man. He will be a good judge. He will preside with knowledge, compassion and reverence of the law. Simply because that is Jon Welborn.

Chris Carter