Letter to the editor: Biden dragging country down

Published 9:19 am Monday, April 18, 2022

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To the editor:

Has everybody in the world gone blind? Apparently we have because we don’t seem to be able to see what Biden’s doing. At least if we do see it, we’re not doing anything about it. Biden’s worse than Trump ever thought about being.

Biden’s trying to keep us in the dark by not telling us what’s really going on. Actually, I don’t think he knows what’s going on. He doesn’t seem to know what he or anybody else is doing. He just goes along with whatever he’s told to do, much like a puppet on a string. He rambles and makes no sense when he’s giving speeches. Then he turns to shake the hand of somebody who isn’t even there … or simply wanders off the stage.  How long are “we the people” going to put up with this behavior? He needs to be given a cognitive test today and the results published for all to see … just as Trump did.  I don’t think the result will be as good as Trump’s was, but then we would know just how out of it  he really is. A first grader could do a better job of running this country than he’s doing. No world leader is afraid of him or anything that he says. They don’t pay him any attention. Instead of worrying about climate control and electric cars he should be concentrating on stopping Putin. He should be providing Ukraine with whatever he can to stop Putin and the Russian army in their tracks. In fact, he should already have done so. The Ukraine needs goods and supplies sooner rather than later. If he doesn’t, we could see something very similar happen right here in the United States of America.   

When is he going to stop blaming Covid and Putin for everything that’s happening in our country?  He does nothing to help the situation. Sending Harris to Europe a couple times has accomplished nothing. It only wastes tax money that we don’t have.  Harris should be going to our southern border; however, she nor Biden has even seen the border since they took office 15 months ago. Meanwhile, thousands of illegals each month have crossed the border into our country. The United States cannot continue to sustain this madness. And anybody, including Biden and his minions who thinks otherwise, needs a good psychiatrist.

Yes, it’s true that Biden blames Putin, and anybody and anything else he can, for the shape our country is in. However, the blame belongs 2to him … and only him. He inherited a thriving economy from the Trump administration and then f’ed it up within days of taking office. The first day he was in office he shut down the Keystone pipeline, cutting off our oil supply, with one stroke of his pen. Thus he put 11,000 people out of work in less time than you could blink an eye. So we now beg other countries to sell us oil. In some places gas is over $7 per gallon. And groceries are up over 20%.  Utilities, clothes, cars, housing … absolutely everything costs more today than it did even last week. Putin didn’t do that. Biden did by his irresponsible actions and spending.  Wake up America.

At the present time, Biden is considering taking Veterans Administration doctors, paid to treat our veterans, away from the hospitals and placing them on our southern border to treat illegals as they invade the USA. As many as 100,000 per day, a city the size of High Point, have been counted illegally entering the United States – almost daily.  This country cannot continue to support the large number of illegals who cross the border.  They’re getting everything free, beginning with a ticket to wherever they want to go within the United States, a free cell phone, free health care, free housing, free money in their pockets, free everything.Guess who foots the bill? The American taxpayer. This country cannot afford all that.

We have people living in our county who are able to, but who choose not to work.  Why?  Biden is paying them not to work. And he’s using our tax money to do it.  Have you tried to go into the dining room at the Advance Wendy’s to eat lately? You can’t because there’s not enough people working there to keep the dining room  open. Biden, using taxpayer money, is paying them and others like them, to stay home. It is anticipated that the average American family in 2022 will have to spend at least $3,500 more than they spent in 2021 just to keep a roof over their heads, food on the table, and clothes on their backs because of Biden’s policies. Where are they going to get this money?  Some may not be able to and will fall on hard times. The federal government will be too busy funding illegals to help some of their own. The illegal immigrant family living next door has no worries like this. This president’s team spews excuses out of their mouths instead of solutions.

It also appears that Biden profited from son Hunter’s business deals with Russia, China, and others yet to be named. What are we doing about that? Absolutely nothing.It would be a different story if his last name was Trump.

If you think that Biden is one of a kind, you’re correct.  Nobody, but nobody, is as stupid as he is. And we, the American people, are allowing him to get away with it all.  Biden started all this mess with the stroke of a pen (closing the pipeline) and he could end it with another stroke of the pen (do away with the policies he has put into place benefiting only the illegals).  Biden is breaking the law every time he allows someone to enter this country illegally.  Don’t believe it?  Look it up and see what the Constitution says. Again I say, wake up America.  It’s past time to smell the roses.

Biden is dragging this country down just about as far as it can go. Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, (yes Barack Obama. He didn’t stay in the Washington DC area simply for his health.) and other Democrats, along with a few Republicans such as Mitt Romney and John Kerry, don’t seem to care how far down the toilet they drag the United States. They seem to think they have that right.   What they don’t have is the right to drag the rest of us down as well.  All the Democrats want is power. And they don’t care how they get it.  We need to go to the polls and fire all of them.

If Biden decides to run again in 2024 and is re-elected to the office of President, those voting for him have nobody to blame but themselves. And they deserve what they will get.

Brenda Burton