Letter to the Editor: Eric Farr always fair and impartial

Published 9:18 am Thursday, April 7, 2022

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To the editor:

In this letter, I’m going to attempt to put into words the character of Mr. Eric Farr.

You might already know that Eric has experience in law by being in private practice, serving as a magistrate, and as an assistant district attorney. However, I would like to share a skillset he possesses that’s rarely seen by the general public. That skillset is handling situations with people when they’ve had a really bad day, quite possibly their worst day ever. More on that later.

I have worked with Eric, in his official capacity as a magistrate, for over 7 years. It was recently said that all Eric ever did as a magistrate is perform marriages and handle some small claims cases. That statement is part of what motivated me to write this letter. I believe performing marriage ceremonies is one of the greatest honors a magistrate can do, but there’s more to the job. I remember the first time I brought an impaired driver before Eric and presented my case. This case stands out in my mind because I felt like I was on trial myself, for he made sure that I had done my job appropriately. He maintains that scrutiny today, which is a quality you must have as a District Court Judge. On several occasions I called Eric in the middle of the night after arresting an impaired driver, and he would make his way to the jail from his home in Farmington. Never once did he complain or show up late, even when it was a holiday, or if the weather was bad. Sometimes I would be exhausted from being cursed at for a solid hour by a person that was in-custody. When that same person would see the magistrate, Eric Farr, they would usually quiet down and show some respect, which was a sigh of relief for me.

However, this was not always the case. Occasionally they would test Eric, and he would have to exercise his authority as a magistrate. The authority he demonstrated was always fair and impartial. Those situations made me appreciate the character and integrity of Eric.

On a lighter note, most all the in-custody people mentioned above go home, live normal lives, and try to do better. This “try to do better” attitude reminds me of the time I was presented with a note of encouragement by Eric. This note was a folded white piece of printer paper, with a drawing in Crayon of a police officer or something similar, and it simply said: “praying for you”. Come to find out the kids from the Sunday school class he teaches had written several of the letters and presented them to law enforcement officers in the community. The letter meant a lot to me, and I kept it for a long time. How many of you reading this teach a Sunday school class or serve your community in any capacity? The purpose of sharing this story, and suggesting this challenge to you and me, is to demonstrate how Eric sets the bar high on how to serve your community and compels us to realize that we can all do better.

In closing, I ask you to consider carefully and prayerfully who you’re going to vote for as District Court Judge.

Personally, I’m going to vote for someone who I know considers all the people in the community; from our younger generations, to the adults who have just experienced one of their worst days. I recommend Eric Farr for District Court Judge.

Kevin Leonard, Mocksville

Law Enforcement Officer