Letter to the editor: Democrats should expect walloping in mid-terms

Published 9:17 am Thursday, April 7, 2022

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To the editor:

Now that MSNBC’s Chuck Todd has predicted a midterm “shellacking” for the Democrats due to what his polling information shows, the plethora of excuses are starting to flow from everywhere. Of course most blame Russian leader Vladimir Putin, but as polling shows, the majority of Americans know the problems start and end with the Democrats and President Biden.

To recap some of their problems, Covid tests ran out before Christmas. The pullout from Afghanistan was totally bungled. The administration took over a country that was oil independent, immediately cancelled the pipeline and leases and now has seen gas go from $2 to $4.Wrongly draining our oil reserves by a million barrels a day, not only depletes our strategic reserves but only drops the price of gas by .35 per gallon.  The answer is and has been to allow more drilling.

As Chuck Todd said,  reality is setting in. America has realized Democrats have messed with our law enforcement, our education, our families and now our money.  Every day the White House has to correct Joe Biden ‘mis-speaks’, so we have a president who can’t give us straight facts.  And with him in office inflation has spiked to 7.9%. Trouble brews because in the all-important independent voter polling number, 74% disapprove of the way President Biden is handling inflation.

Yes, there is a walloping coming in November.

John Nelms,    Advance