Animal lovers: Respect ambassadors helping humane society

Published 9:01 am Thursday, March 31, 2022

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By Macey Smith

For the Enterprise

Hannah Watson loves animals. She loves people, too.

“I have always had a passion for helping people and animals and during the pandemic when all pets went to foster homes, I saw the importance and need to help the Humane Society of Davie County,” said Hannah, Ambassador of Respect and team leader for this project.

Between the dates of March 25 and April 20, the Davie Respect Initiative will hold a drive to give back to the HSDC.

Throughout the COVID-19 challenges, the humane society experienced unprecedented and challenging circumstances. As the humane society no longer has a physical building and/or meeting location, all animals are being cared for in foster homes.

And yet, the organization is still working diligently to meet the needs of all animals and raise the number of adoptions throughout our community.

The Davie Respect Initiative (DRI) is a program for young people between the ages of 12-21 who notice and encourage acts of respect around the community. The DRI receives applications from respectful projects quarterly, selecting up to three awardees who are honored as Ambassadors of Respect, with the goal of boosting the amount of respect seen and expressed in the community.

All Ambassadors of Respect have completed or are working on their own respect projects, involving something they are passionate about.

This spring, the Ambassadors of Respect have collectively chosen to give back to the Humane Society of Davie County as a group project.

Throughout the community, boxes will be placed at businesses and popular destinations to collect donations for the Humane Society. These locations include: Tru Taekwondo, Animal Hospital of East Davie, Simply Fur Grooming, Advance Country Store, Davie County Recreation and Parks (former high school), Hillsdale Animal Hospital, NC Cooperative Extension office, Ellis Middle School and The Farm Bureau. At all of these locations, there will be a box labeled with instructions.

In these boxes, the DRI will be collecting items such as: cat food (wet and dry), dog food (wet and dry), cat litter, disposable litter boxes, blankets, new cat and dog toys, cat and dog treats, harnesses, leashes, or any monetary donations to assist with veterinary care expenses.

Individuals who wish to donate can bring donations to any one of the locations listed above and place their donation into the box. Boxes will be periodically collected by the Ambassadors of Respect and donations taken to the Humane Society.

Ambassador of Respect, Savannah Ivey, states: “My hope for this project is that it will bring awareness to Davie County’s Humane Society while also gaining the supplies needed to give these sweet pets the care they deserve.”

Through this project, the DRI’s goal is to make a difference within the community and show respect to the animals as well as the individuals who work each day to improve the lives of suffering animals.

Ambassador of Respect, Mia Clair Myers, states: “I am most excited for this project because it will help support our local animals and hopefully will encourage people to get involved with charities in Davie County.”

The Ambassadors of Respect are excited about working with the community to offer support to this important local organization.

For more information about the Davie Respect Initiative go to

Macey Smith, 16, is a Davie Respect Initiative- Ambassador of Respect.