Letter to the editor: Trump, not Biden, enabling of Putin

Published 1:51 pm Sunday, March 20, 2022

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To the editor:

Your March 17 writer states Putin would not have invaded Ukraine under Trump because he was afraid of Trump. Quite the contrary; Trump was so apologetic and enabling of Putin that the Russian would have been emboldened to aggression.

Biden has achieved a remarkable diplomatic victory in assembling a wide coalition to sanction Russia and Putin with unprecedented punishment. Trump’s continuing reflex was anti-cooperation, denigration of NATO and all other alliances, and incoherent, self-serving trade wars. Just last week, John Bolton asserted that Trump would have withdrawn from NATO had he won a second term. Trump was no leader – not a world leader nor an American leader.

Econ 101 Refresher: “..more jobs open than … people looking for work”  is not symptomatic of a poor economy.  It is indicative of a healthy economy with companies seeking employees to maintain or expand their businesses. It evinces a healthy labor market where workers can demand higher wages. This allows them to achieve a living wage, paying taxes, being consumers, and using less government subsidies – all with modest, sustainable inflation, as the labor market returns to equilibrium.

Gerald L. (Jerry) Cohen,     Advance