Letter to the editor: Former Forsyth sheriff endorses Hartman

Published 1:52 pm Sunday, March 20, 2022

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To the editor:

I am writing to express my support for the re-election of Davie County Sheriff JD Hartman in 2022. I was Sheriff of Forsyth County from 2002-2018 and I now reside Davie County. I have known Sheriff Hartman for over 20 years, both during my tenure as a neighboring sheriff, and now as my sheriff in Davie County.

During my time as sheriff, the Forsyth and Davie County Sheriff’s Offices often worked together to protect and serve our communities and to keep our citizens safe. Sheriff Hartman was always a great partner and a true law enforcement professional in our fight against crime. I have observed him implement advancements in law enforcement technology, manage increased calls for service, and handle budget and personnel growth with skill and leadership.

He is and always has been, a strong supporter of all the community organizations that make Davie County a great place in which to live and work. I know Sheriff Hartman will continue to keep Davie County safe and I enthusiastically write to support him for re-election.       

Bill Schatzman

Bermuda Run