Letter to the Editor: Biden all excuses, no answers

Published 9:40 am Thursday, March 17, 2022

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To the editor:

Surely even the President Biden apologists are getting tired of both his lies and excuses, plus those coming from his Press Secretary Jen Psaki. Every day as gas prices go up another quarter and inflation hits 7.9%, new excuses and no answers. Psaki says inflation will be moderate by year-end but Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen disagrees and says it will be “very uncomfortably high” for another year.This costs all of us dearly. Biden’s stock market which had been rolling with all the free money is now in free fall, where because of inflation, will stay falling for a while.

Russian President Putin and his atrocious invasion of Ukraine will continue as the scapegoat until the midterms,  but problems started a lot longer than two weeks ago. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granville laughed off higher gas prices back in November and put all the blame on OPEC.  The answer: allow leases and drilling here.

Biden and Psaki continue to talk about the great economy but it can’t be when facts show there are more jobs open than you have people who are looking for work.

Climate Czar John Kerry makes the administration sound more foolish worrying more about the effects the Ukraine war has on the climate than he does about the poor Ukrainian refugees.

We all know Putin would not have invaded if the prior White House occupant was there, he was too scared of him.  The facts do show he attacked Ukraine in 2014 and again in 2022 when Biden was in office.

President Biden, admit your mistakes and find us answers.

John Nelms