Public records for week of March 3, 2022

Published 5:31 pm Tuesday, March 1, 2022

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Land Transfers

The following land transfers were filed with the Davie Register of Deeds, listed by parties involved, acreage, location and deed stamps purchased, with $2 representing $1,000.

– Channon Campbell and Teddy A. Tumbi, .6 acre, Pineville Road, Farmington Township, $104.

– Lydia Cox and Daniel Short to David Martin and Christine Campbell Martin, 1 tract, $1,080.

– Patricia H. Hardin to Patricia H. Hardin and Jack Wesley Hardin Jr., 2 lots, Country Cove.

– Sulton Abdel Sarsour to Sharazad Sarsour, interest in 1.75 acres, Mocksville Township, $45.

– Cedar Creed RE to True Homes, 3 lots, Oakmont, $450.

– FPB Investments of NC to Spirit Master Funding, .64 acre, Farmington Township, $1,050.

– Harmony Farm Trust to B.D. Clark, 10 acres.

– OP SPE TPA1 to Jeff Jaquez Jimenez, 1 lot, Sheffield Park, $350.

– Kenneth L. Strouse and Diane Strouse to Sean Strouse and Danielle Strouse, tracts, Allendale Acres, $160.

– Soleo Properties to Dalia Pica and James Richard Pica, 1 lot, Jemes G. Beauchamp Estate, $702.

– Caleb Bryant Waycaster and Charity Rose Waycaster to Brandon Rombach and Mindy S. Rombach, William Rombach and Debra Rombach, 1.92 acres, Jerusalem Township, $640.

– Christine F. Myers to Robert Wensley and Andrea Wensley, 1 lot, Indian Hills, Advance, $600.

– Sea B’s Enterprises to Raymond Eglington Pearson and Carol Lynette Pearson, 1 condominium, Bermuda Run, $400.

– Katie Elizabeth Collette to Christopher Michael Boardwine, tracts, Mocksville Township, $664.

– Gary E. Prillaman and Joyce J. Prillaman to Eric Kent Chapman and Heather N. Chapman, 1 lot, Garden Valley, Mocksville, $66.

– Matthew A. Cohn and Amber M. Cohn to Joseph Andrew Tracey Jr. and Patrice Ann Tracey, 2 lots, Jerusalem Township, $471.

– Paul D. Frayer and Claudette M. Frayer to Michael John Dzybon, 1.46 acres, Shady Grove Township.

– Phillip Leigh Harrington, successor trustee to David B. Averill and Gayle M. Averill, 1 villa, Bermuda Village, $450.

– Emily Virginia Stokes and Paul Marshall Spillman Jr. to Gene Arthur Coleman Jr., tracts, Mocksville Township, $414.

– G.P. Hollingsworth to NC Development Strategies I, 18.18 acres, Southpoint Business Park, Mocksville, $520.

– G.P. Hollingsworth to NC Development Strategies I, 16.33 acres, Southpoint Business Park, Mocksville, $640.

– Gilmer E. Collette Jr. and Martha C. Kiger (and as co-trustees of the Della S. Collette Trust) and Sheri L. Collette, and O. Larry Kiger, 41.71 acres, Farmington Township, $300.

– Susan L. Pierce Lancaster and Marshall D. Lancaster to Susan Lowder Lancaster and Marshall D. Lancaster, and Jack Aaron Lee Dodd, and Susan Lowder Lancaster and Marshall D. Lancaster, tracts.

– Emily Jean Averill to Emily Jean Averill and Todd William Lane, 1 lot, Oak Valley, Advance.

– Alec G. Sarwas to Shannah P. Sarwas, tracts, Mocksville Township.

– House Farmers Arrowhead to J. Reader Construction, 1 lot, Arrowhead.

– Randy Lee Hanes to Tommy Alton Taylor and Sue H. Miller, 4.29 acres, Clarksville Township.

– Tommy Alton Taylor and Sue H. Miller to Joshua Samuel Hill, 4.29 acres, Clarksville Township, $280.

– J. Reader Construction to Barry H. King and Kathy L. Yokley, 1 lot, Arrowhead, $1,140.

– Glenwood Homes to Garth Nicol, 1 lot, Charleston Ridge, Mocksville, $515.

– Betty J. Witherspoon to Houston Warren Smith, 1.02 acres, Calahaln Township, $170.

– Joseph N. Shores and Hillary L. Shores to Jacob Franklin Lewis and Laken Ariel Lewis, 1 lot, Jerusalem Township, $420.

– Luis Blanco and Ana Blanco to Michelle Rundle, tracts, Mocksville Township, $70.

– Opendoor Property Trust I to MICH SFR NC Owner 2, 1 lot, Ridgemont, Mocksville, $326.

– Ross Miller Spry to Richard Winslow and Mindy Winslow, 1 lot, Jerusalem Township, $140.

– Dylan Reynolds to Sarah Reynolds, 4.79 acres, Jerusalem Township.

– Jeffrey Kadylak and Theresa Kadylak to Mcihael Attwood Perry and Meghan Page Perry, 1 lot, Oak Valley, Advance, $1,490.

– Christian Conrad Froelich Jr. and Christine Marie Froelich to Sean Anthony Manna and Genelyn Pelayo Manna, 1 lot, Oak Valley, Advance, $760.

– Gene S. Fritts and Hazel B. Fritts to William A. Kibler and Hannah G. Kibler, tract, Farmington Township, $260.

– The J. Ryan Group to Comfort Quality Homes, 2 lots, Woodlee, Farmington Township.

– Marklin Family Properties to James Watson Naylor and Lynn Keaton Naylor, tract, Clarksville Township, $194.

– Betty Keaton Furr and Paul W. Furr Jr. to Lucio Granadero, 1 lot, Joy Lin Estates, $68.

– Tammy L. Franklin to Alejandro Rojas Ramirez and Josefa Serrano, tract, Gladstone Road, Mocksville, $370.

– Kenneth L. Foster and Gail F. Foster to Debbie S. Wilkes, trustee, 1.78 acres, Mocksville Township, $300.

– Russell M. Howerton, successor trustee to Gary Wade Strom and Sara Souto Strom, 1 villa, Bermuda Village, $376.

– Comfort Quality Homes to Heather B. Freeman, 1 lot, Woodlee, Farmington Township, $530.

– Joey Adrian Pardue and Karen Hinkley to Rickey A. Greer III and Courtney E. Greer, 1 acre, Farmington Township, $560.

– George E. Hollodick, trustee to Ann Vandiver O’Quinn, 1 condominium, Bermuda Village, $330.

– Deitra Harrison to Lucas Raymond Rosa, 1 lot, Pembrooke Ridge, Bermuda Run, $450.

– Opendoor Property J to Kristie Prevette, 1 lot, Mocksville Township, $405.

– Jenny C. Terry and Vincent Kotarsky to Brittney Marcia Overby and Joshua David Heimann, 1.16 acres, Farmington Township, $280.

– Boulton Properties to New Residential Borrower 2022-SFRI, 1 lot, North Ridge, Mocksville.

Olene Taylor Wicker and Ronald Lee Wicker to Traci Marie Ledbetter, tracts, Clarksville Township, $55.

– Kenneth R. Perdue and Betty Rose Perdue to David Perdue, 7.46 acres.

– Danny Gray Durham and Cynthis Durham, and George Wesley Durham and Tara Durham to Tara Durham and George Wesley Durham, .84 acre.

– Tamara Strain Roseman to Stacee Spillman Dalton and Shannon Spillman Yost, 1 lot, Edgewood, Jerusalem Township.

– Stacee Spillman Dalton and Shannon Spillman Yost to Michael Wayne Barringer and Amber Nichole Poteat, 1 lot, Edgewood, Jerusalem Township, $257.

– Leonard Hayes and Christopher Hayes to Christopher Leonard Hayes, 1 lot, Redland Way.

– Tyler King and Sara King to James Allan Logie and Dene Eller Logie, 1 lot, Kinderton Village, Bermuda Run, $506.

Sheriff’s Office

The following are from Davie County Sheriff’s Office reports.

Feb. 26: disturbance, Yadkinville Road, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, W. Kinderton Way, Bermuda Run; fraud, E. Lexington Road, Mocksville; harassment, Court Square, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Cooper Creek Drive, Mocksville; harassment, Shady Knoll Lane, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Salisbury Road, Mcksville; noise complaint, US 64 E., Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Merrells Lake Road, Mocksville; fraud, Cedar Creek Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, US 601 S., Mcoksville; suspicious activity, NC 801 S./Riverview Road, Advance; domestic disturbance, McKnight Road, Advance; illegal burning, Trestle Lane, Mocksville.

Feb. 25: suspicious activity, Boxwood Circle, Bermuda Run; noise complaint, Sonora Drive, Advance; domestic assist, Hillcrest Drive, Advance; suspicious activity, Markland Road, Advance; fraud, Yadkinville Road, Mocksville; harassment, Casa Bella Drive, Advance; damage to property, NC 801 N., Mocksville; disturbance, US 601 S., Mocksville.

Feb. 24: domestic disturbance, Rolling Hills Lane, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Meadowview Road, Mocksville; burglary, Sunburst Lane, Mocksville; suspicious activity, US 64 E., Mocksville; robbery, Yadkinville Road, Mocksville; fraud, Vircasdell Lane, Mocksville; custody issue, Pineville Road, Mocksville; larceny, Cooper Creek Drive, Mocksville; disturbance, Northridge Court, Mocksville; illegal dumping, US 601 N./Murphy Road, Mocksville; larceny, Lancelot Lane, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Yadkinville Road, Mocksville; fraud, NC 801 N., Advance; larceny, Gildan Drive, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Wall St., Cooleemee.

Feb. 23: harassment, US 601 N., Mocksville; suspicious activity, Foster St., Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Whitney Road, Mocksville; trespassing, Legion Hut Road, Mocksville; larceny, Yadkinville Road, Mocksville; domestic assist, Hillcrest Drive, Advance; sex offense, Cemetery St., Mocksville; domestic assist, Cabana Lane, Mocksville; fraud, Ridgehaven Place, Mocksville; assault, Farmington Road, Mocksville; assault, S. Davie Drive, Mocksville; larceny, US 601 S., Mocksville; suspicious activity, S. Main St., Mocksville; fraud, Nebbs Trail, Mocksville; disturbance, Camden Point Court, Mocksville; trespassing, Duke Whittaker Road, Mocksville; harassment, Clark Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, US 601 S., Mocksville.

Feb. 22: larceny, Cooper Creek Drive, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Thousand Trails Drive, Advance; harassment, Swicegood St., Mocksville; suspicious activity, US 601 S., Mocksville; larceny, Powell Road, Mocksville; suspicious activituy, N. Niblick Court, Advance; harassment, Pointe House Lane, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Becktown Road, Mocksville; assault, Winchester Road, Advance; suspicious activity, US 64 E., Mocksville; suspicious activity, Ada Lane, Advance; trespassing, Kilbourne Drive, Bermuda Run; burglary, S. Angell Road, Mocksville; damage to property, Cemetery St., Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Hobson Drive, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Legion Hut Road, Mocksville; damage to property, Wilkesboro St., Mocksville; larceny, Salisbury Road, Mocksville; harassment, Avon St., Mcoksville.

Feb. 21: harassment, Foster St., Mocksville; damage to property, Legion Hut Road, Mocksville; assault, Cemetery St., Mocksville; damage to property, Salisbury Road, Mocksville; larceny, Yadkinville Road, Mocksville; sex offense, War Eagle Drive, Mocksville.

Feb. 20: domestic disturbance, Becktown Road, Mocksville; larceny, Cooper Creek Drive, Mocksville; harassment, Richie Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, NC 801 S., Mocksville; larceny, S. Angell Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Dalton Road, Mocksville; damage to property, Wilkesboro St., Mocksville; domestic assist, Chal Smith Road, Mocksville; disturbing the peace, Wilkesboro St., Mocksville; suspicious activity, Yadkinville Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, N. Wentworth Drive, Mocksville.


The following were arrested by the Davie County Sheriff’s Office.

Feb. 26: Timothy Scott Bobbitt, 39, of Merrells Lake Road, Mocksville, assault on a female; Randy Lee Cook, 31, of Morganton, possession of stolen vehicle, unauthorized use of vehicle; Amanda Belle Fowler, 39, of Winston-Salem, leaving the scene of an accident.

Feb. 25: Johnny Lee Cass, 54, of Mocksville, felony larceny, breaking and entering, felony conspiracy; Jamen Lee Cowan, 32, of Newton, failure to appear in court, breaking, entering and larceny; Carl Junior Doby Jr., 32, of Cornatzer Road, Mocksville, giving false report to police, possession of firearm by felon.

Feb. 24: James David Abshire, 57, of Caravan Lane, Mocksville, non-support of child; Thor Thomas Armstrong, 49, of Madison Road, Mocksville, non-support of child; Angela Marie Haneline, 39, of Etchison St., Mocksville, school attendance law violation; Crystal Deanna Tilley, 46, of Will Boone Road, Mocksville; larceny, obtaining property by false pretense; Cindy Gale James Rice, 38, of Northridge Court, Mocksville, non-support of child; Henry Vincent White Jr., 18, of Siloam, injury to property, breaking or entering.

Feb. 23: Crayshawn C hase Carrigan, 19, of Mooresville, possession of drug paraphernalia, felony possession of cocaine; Amber Lewis Cheeks, 37, of Whitney Road, Mocksville, assault, misdemeanor child abuse, giving malt beverages to persons under age 21; Fallon Randall Ahijah Holder, 19, of S. Salisbury St., Mocksville, injury to property, breaking and entering; Thomas Haney Miller, 18, of Bridle Lane, Advance, possession of drug paraphernalia, felony possession of cocaine; Stephanie Yarbrough Stefanutto, 33, of Lexington, non-support of child.

Feb. 22: Jake Alexander Blake, 22, of Granada Drive, Advance, felony child abuse; Nathan Michael Greenleaf, 31, of Deer Run Drive, Mocksville, failure to appear in court; Quincy Cheeks Hannah, 27, of York, Pa., murder; Nicole Yvonne Milles, 35, of Tatum Road, Mocksville, larceny, trespassing; Tasha Lynn Perrell, 43, of US 601 N., Mocksville, larceny of vehicle; Adam Todd Ward, 32, of Winchester Road, Advance, assault on female.

Feb. 21: Chavez Rodriquez Brooks, 41, of Summit Drive, Mocksville, attempted larceny; Robin Eugene Foster, 46, of Clark Road, Mocksville, larceny by changing price tag; James Dontay Rivers, 33, of Northridge Court, Mocksville, unauthorized use of vehicle; Robbie Strickland Jr., 35, of High Point, failure to appear in court; James Tyler Weaver, 24, of Statesville, DWI.

Feb. 20: Jacqueline Ann Edwards, 35, of Wall St., Mocksville, felony conspiracy, felony larceny, breaking and entering; Timothy Patrick Swiergiel, 48, of Yadkinville Road, Mocksville, assault.