Letter to the editor: Look at states with more restrictive voting laws

Published 9:21 am Thursday, February 10, 2022

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To the editor:
With all the headlines about voting rights and President Biden’s speech filled with mistruths, there is the real truth about the different voting laws of a few of the states. Let’s compare Biden’s own Delaware and Senator Schumer’s own New York in a minute. But first let’s recap all that the Democrats and the Main Stream Media (MSM) have given us the past 4 years or so that have been bold-faced lies that have been sensationalized in our newspapers.
All the major networks thought Michael Avenati had the goods on on President Trump. He appeared on those networks 254 times, especially during the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court justice hearings, spouting his lies about Julie Swetnick. Several years later Avenatti is is prison for extortion and embezzlement.
MSNBC’s Joy Reid put out homophobic and Islamophobic tweets then said her account was hacked by time-traveling trolls. This was later found to be false.
MSNBC’s Brian Williams falsely said he has seen a body floating down Canal Street during Hurricane Katrina, was shocked by the murders he witnessed at the Superdome and of course all this happened after he falsely said his helicopter in the Middle East was almost shot down by a Scud missile. Yet he keeps being believed.
NBC anchor Matt Lauer’s predatory sexual behavior was unknown to the network suits.
We of course all remember the MSM accounts of the Russian collusion narrative and the Steele Dossier which they had everyone believing was Trump’s fault. But now we know all the blame lies with then presidential candidate Hillary Clinton [who by the way still hasn’t accepted her own defeat for 2016]. The networks also kept up the Jan. 6 narrative with Trump’s election narrative but never mention that Stacy Abrams has never conceded her 2018 Georgia governor election and the fact she still doesn’t think she lost.
Several years ago while our major cities [mainly those with Democratic mayors] were being burned and looted because of the ill-fated protests of those wanting to get rid of police, you never saw any media coverage. Nor did you ever see them mention it was from riots. Even this past December when a deranged nut rams his car through a Waukesha Christmas parade, killing 5 people, CNN headlines said it was “car” that did it, not a person who had a criminal history.
Can we forget the Jussie Smollett saga and how much the MSM kowtowed to his story with the headlines making it out that he was the victim of a racially motivated beating? Meanwhile, he was just found guilty in court of lying and making all of that up. This cost the city of Chicago many millions in wasted policy time investigating a bogus crime.
Knowing all that the press hides, let’s now delve into the truth of Georgia’s election laws. They have 17 days of early voting and “no excuse” absentee voting. Meanwhile Biden’s Delaware has only 10 days of early voting and “excuse-only” absentee voting. Schumer’s New York allows only 9 days of early voting and requires an excuse for absentee voting. Can’t see Jim Crow here.
Meanwhile, the Senate should not get rid of the filibuster. The Democrats have a short memory and even used it this week. Remember what happened when Harry Reid did away with it? They had better be thankful Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema are saving their party from themselves by not voting to kill the filibuster and thus the voting rights bill. One day when the Republicans return to power, they would rue the day they changed all that, just like they did when Harry Reid did his deal in 2013.
John Nelms