Letter to the editor: have all these COVID safety protocols been for nothing?

Published 3:14 pm Monday, January 17, 2022

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To the editor:
Have you started to question yet, everything that is still going on, after two years given the most recent revelation – shockingly on the mainstream media? The biggest admissions: vaccines do not prevent transmission nor prevent illness (Doesn’t that reduce it to a simple therapeutic); deaths “from” and “with” COVID aren’t the same – even the CDC director couldn’t say, but it’s definitely not 800k+; and similarly, that over 75% of the deaths had at least 4 comorbidities … aka people that are not healthy to begin with (keep in mind that a triathlete who eats nothing but steak and potatoes is not healthy but severely vitamin deficient).
Given all this, are you starting to think that all the obsessive safety protocols have all been for nothing? Why have so many of our career bureaucrats at the federal and state level been so wrong or flat out lied on so many issues surrounding COVID? Do they have something to hide?
Apparently, our tax dollars did fund research, and the virus leaked from the Wuhan Lab in Communist China back in 2019. Lab leaks are nothing new, even here in the U.S. but still, you have to wonder, why? Have you wondered why after two years that our government officials still say nothing about early treatment options such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin but cram vaccine propaganda down everyone’s throat? How did India beat COVID? What early treatment drugs did they promote? If the vaccines are FDA approved then why are they still not available anywhere? Why are they still giving out nothing but the extended EUA vaccines? Why are the pharmaceutical companies asking to block key data and ingredients for 75 years? With over 1 million adverse events and 20,000+ deaths then are the vaccines actually safe? They are admittedly not effective.
Florida essentially went back to normal without mandates back in August 2020. Why is North Carolina, California, and New York doing so much worse at every measure then Florida? What early treatment options did Florida start promoting last year? Is it about our health or is it about money, power, and control? Young adults and kids dying from strokes, heart attacks, blood clots, etc. is not normal. Huge jumps in excess deaths for working age people in 2021 and several studies on the VAERS and European systems suggest that deaths from the vaccines could be as high as 200,000 in the U.S. It’s a hard truth to swallow. Do your own research. Might I suggest to start with Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, cardiology specialist and Dr. Robert Malone, MD, PhD, internationally recognized as the chief architect of mRNA vaccine technology.
Now what? As I’ve suggested before, stop everything that you’re doing and go back to normal now or you never will.
Stop wrecking your immune system with vaccines and boosters. Stop promoting this mess as the only solution. Stop shaming or firing people for their personal health decisions. Stop all the mandates and threats of lockdowns. Stop testing all the time. And most definitely do not vaccinate your kids. They don’t need it, and the risks of the vaccine outweigh the benefits 100 fold. Start living a healthy life with a complete nutritious diet rich in vitamins and minerals.
Start praying and start reading the Bible. Daily.
Be bold. Be loving. Have courage. Be joyful. And trust in Jesus.
Matthew G. Johnson