Letter to the editor: Robin Snow and other kind Mocksville folks

Published 8:50 am Thursday, January 6, 2022

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To the editor:
Reading the article about Robin Snow reminded me of a kindness she did that made a lot of difference to me. I would like to share this with the many kind people of Mocksville.
After I moved from Mocksville to the beach, I wanted to continue to get the local paper so I could keep up with what was going on in my hometown. After many weeks with difficulties of getting my mail, I called and told her what was going on. She assured me that she would do everything she could to make sure it got there. Sure enough, the next week my paper came through unscathed, neatly placed in an envelope and hand addressed by her. Because of her, my link to Mocksville had been reconnected.
A lot of people have said it through the years, but Mocksville truly is a unique town. There are so many people there that I remember because of their kindness.
When I first moved there, it was Mary Lou, my wonderful real estate agent, who told me about Johnny Marklin who owns Daniel Furniture. Not only did he keep my appliances in good repair for many years while I lived there, he also sold me quality furniture with a personal touch. It was Johnny who had my mom sit down in prospective chairs to see if they fit her before selling one to me. That is not an ordinary salesman. That is a person who provides a service with true care – a difference not valued in money.
When Mom became unable to walk and later was under the care of the outstanding workers at the local Hospice, I needed an emotional outlet and it was Nancy Luckey who took me in as a volunteer at the Senior Center and gave me the important position as food server on the assembly line for the midday lunch served to all us seniors. This position provided me with a social outlet and an opportunity to be of service to others for years while dealing with some challenging times at home.
Dealing with over four acres of landscaped property was an insurmountable task when Mom and I lived by ourselves for many years. Trent Clement appeared on the scene one day with his awesome smile and we agreed for him to mow the lawn. Not only did he mow the lawn, but he did many other things as well that kept us going through the years. His standard response when I asked him to do something, no matter whether it related to landscaping or not, was “I’ll get it for you, Ms. Gough.” Always it included his standard smile which I came to love and be thankful for.
Mike and Lee, neighbors in our development were lifesavers to Mom and me as well. I remember calling them one night at 2 in the morning to help me get Mom up off the floor after she had fallen after getting up to go the bathroom. I had tried everything I knew to get her up on my own without having to call anyone at that hour including chairs, stools, etc. but I was at wits end. When I finally called them in desperation, I was told, “No, you didn’t wake us. We had both just gotten up to go to the bathroom. We will be right down.” Less than 5 minutes later, they were down in their pajamas. I think I checked to see if I could find the angel wings growing out of their backs.
Then there was the time my neighbor’s daughter across the street came to my assistance as well as another neighbor, a policeman who lived down the street, who picked Mom up and placed her in the front seat for me when I couldn’t get her in the car and needed to take her somewhere. All of this was before Johnny Marklin, our repairman/furniture salesman/church greeter said to me one day, “Phyllis, I just got something you need.” He turned out to be absolutely right. He had somehow managed to obtain a wheelchair accessible van and he was absolutely right. I did need a wheelchair accessible van for Mom and I hadn’t even realized it. My first trip was to the beach along with two caregivers for Mom. Thereafter we went everywhere together – usually with Sharon, Mom’s main caregiver. Mom enjoyed many adventuresome years going places we couldn’t have managed in a standard vehicle. All because Johnny was thinking of how he could be of service – not how he could make a sale.
There are so many other kind, caring people around the Mocksville area. I met David Purkey’s wife at a yard sale and saw a card where he provided handyman services–something Mom and I desperately needed but I had never thought to look for at a yard sale. God takes care of even the smallest needs in some of the most unexpected ways.After Trent got extremely busy, David ended up taking care of the yard and other things in the house for many years, and I even trusted him with a key to take care of everything inside after moving down here to the beach. I never had to worry about what was being done while I was not there or him overcharging me. He kept up with his hours and I paid him the correct amount. Trust is another intangible not bought by money.
Louise and Charles were other neighbors who jumped in and took over doing things for me after we moved to the beach. Louise even checked on some things for me I had in a consignment shop there in Mocksville and had the money sent to me. Now who would do that?
After moving, I sold my house to Debra and Matt who turned out to be outstanding people of character who made remarkable changes to the house which improved the whole neighborhood. I had often worried about who would take care of my hummingbirds after I left – one of which came to the glass door to complain if I didn’t have his”feeder out when he returned each year. Debra assured me he was safe in her charge which made the move easier. During my frequent talks with her, I came to know and love her. Although we have never met, I will always feel a love and connection with her through the conversations we shared.
So, as this new year begins, I am so grateful for all the many kindnesses shown to me throughout the years by Robin and other people in Mocksville. Kind things people say and do stay in our hearts forever – no matter how small they may seem to be at the time or how far away they may be.
I am so blessed to have all of my precious family members in my life and a heart full of kind memories from the people of Mocksville.
Thank you all and may 2022 be a peaceful, loving year for all.
Phyllis G. Gough, Myrtle Beach, SC