Letter to the editor: World laughing at ‘clown’ president

Published 7:50 am Monday, December 20, 2021

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To the editor:
Our local daily newspaper and the rest of most of the Main Stream Media [MSM] love to talk about former President Trump and his 2020 election and not giving up. However, in today’s news we see that former candidate from 2016, Hillary Clinton still has not taken any blame for her loss to Trump and tearfully read what would have been her victory speech. Plus, the MSM never mentions that Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams is still claiming victory from her 2018 race that she clearly lost to Brian Kemp.
So why the editorial difference?
The same MSM have never mentioned either that now more people have died from Covid since President Biden took office [with the advantage of Trump’s Covid vaccines] than died the entire time Trump was in office his last year with no vaccines. Biden was even quoted on the 2020 campaign saying ”anybody responsible for the 220,000 Covid deaths should not remain President.” Well, Mr. President, the deaths on your watch are up to over 780,000 total. In July of this year Biden even said that he had defeated Covid, but no mention of that in this paper.
The MSM harps on Kyle Rittenhouse [and he was clearly innocent and defending himself] and his easy verdict but never seems to mention that the “Christmas Parade” killer was Black, out on a ridiculous $1,000 bail, even had CNN saying it was “a car” that killed those people instead of a man with a history of domestic abuse. Clear hypocrites. During the VA governor’s race the MSM harped endlessly that nobody in VA was really using CRT or critical race theory and that was all made up by the “Right Wing Media.” Balderdash, to put it mildly. Even the superintendent of Detroit Public Schools, Nikolai Vitti, said in a Nov. 9 school board meeting [which went viral] that his district are “deeply using critical race theory”, claiming students must learn it, especially in social studies. Va Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin correctly used all this info against opponent Terry McAuliffe who easily showed he did not want any parents involved in their kids’ education.
Again something the MSM has not had on their front pages has been a single thing about liberal nut actor Alec Baldwin and his tragedy on the movie set. Had that been a conservative like a Mel Gibson, Tim Allen or Jon Voight, we would have had non-stop coverage about guns and for all movies to quit using them altogether on movie sets. Instead we have him showing up on Martha’s Vineyard shopping, then on George Stephanopoulos’s show on ABC telling us how he did not fire the gun [contrary to all reports]. Baldwin was never funny on SNL when impersonating Trump and he was impressive in his battles with ex-wife Kim Basinger nor being abusive to his daughter Ireland when he called her a “rude, thoughtless little pig” in a 2007 voicemail.
So why does the liberal MSM still give this guy the time of day?
Just some thoughts as I wonder over year 2021 what it is that President Biden has done right as we all deal with gas prices up over a dollar since he took office, inflation up over 6% since he took office, the total bungling of the pull-out in Afghanistan, the crisis at the border where we have let in close to 2,000,000 illegal immigrants [and where he put a totally incompetent Vice President Harris in charge].Then he makes a totally laughable video call to Russian President Putin, who like all world leaders must be laughing at this clown we now call our President.
Wow, what a year he has made for us in 2021 and what in the world does he and the Democrats have in store for 2022?
John Nelms