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Published 9:01 am Thursday, December 16, 2021

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The Christmas Doll
By Linda H. Barnette
When I was a child, Christmas was by far the major event of the year. I did not stay as busy with all sorts of things like children today do, nor did I get things just because I might have wanted them. In other words, I usually got gifts for my birthday and Christmas because they were special occasions.
One year when I was probably 8 or 9 years old, I awoke on Christmas morning to find this gorgeous doll under the tree. She was about the size of a newborn baby and had soft skin and eyes that moved. Her eyes were brown to match her light brown hair. I immediately named her Glenda, probably to rhyme with my own name.
In a little brown suitcase, there were several doll dresses and other clothing items for Glenda. They were all gorgeous, with delicate little tucks, bows, and even little flowers sewed on them. I especially liked the little yellow coat and hat that were among the items of clothing. I remember being thrilled beyond belief to have gotten such an elaborate gift, and being an only child, I played with Glenda all of the time.
Later on, I realized that Mother had really made all of those beautiful outfits, but I don’t think I ever told her how sweet it was of her to do that.
I don’t know whatever happened to Glenda, but, knowing Mother, she probably gave her to one of my younger cousins. All I have left are the little yellow coat and hat, and they are treasures.

Off Season at the Beach
By N. R. Tucker
I don’t go to the beach during the summer. I’m not a people person and I don’t like crowds. October, with its smaller crowds, works well for me. Some years it may be cold, but in 2021 it was perfect. Every morning, after writing, I did my morning Tai Chi on the beach as the sun rose. It’s a great way to start the day. After twenty minutes of Tai Chi, I walked at least two miles.
Many people don’t think rising before 5 AM qualifies as vacation. My co-travelers sure didn’t, but it worked great for me. The hubs joined me a few mornings for the sunrise and walking part of my routine. I also walked another couple of miles in the evening (which was more crowded, but still not bad) as the sun set.
At home I walk daily in the woods or on a mountain trail, although August and September frequently test my ability to face the heat and humidity. It occurred to me that walking on the beach with the wind and waves might be a better walk that time of year, then I think of the crowds and know I wouldn’t like it nearly as much.
My exercise app congratulated me on exceeding my goals that week at the beach. In addition to walking on the beach, sightseeing and running around pushed me up to an average daily walk of over seven miles. On a normal day, I average around five miles. While I don’t like that my electronic devices approve or disapprove of my activities, it was nice to know I didn’t sit too much on my vacation.
I didn’t see anyone else doing Tai Chi, but there were plenty of dog walkers, power walkers, runners, and of course, wave riders. Yes, October on the beach is nice.
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