Letter to the editor: Thank you, Robin Snow

Published 9:01 am Thursday, December 16, 2021

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To the editor:
Robin Snow’s retirement at year’s end from the Davie County Enterprise Record is a bellwether event for the newspaper. Her 48-year tenure is a remarkable testament of devotion, dependability and service. When news happened, she was there, documenting events large and small. Taking pictures of homecoming queens, downtown parades, shootings, manhunts, spelling bees, cheerleaders, Veterans Day speeches, election night jitters, freshly-pressed snowmen, highway fatalities, homicides, drug busts — events happy and tragic … she has chronicled Davie County for five decades.
She has photographed three and four generations of Davie residents.
Fresh out of high school with a no-frills Nikon before the automatic age, she learned to bracket for lighting, adjust the f/stop and roll her own cannisters of black and white film. She spent hours every weekend in a cramped darkroom with smelly chemicals developing and printing pictures. Times and technology have changed photography and the newspaper, but Robin has been the constant one triggering the shutter that has captured our comings and goings.
She has been the face of the newspaper — the one employee everybody knows because she has taken everybody’s picture … multiple times.
I hope for Robin to enter the blissful days of retirement with our thanks for the hundreds of thousands of images of our history — of us.
Dwight Sparks
Editor’s Note: Dwight Sparks is a former editor and publisher of the Enterprise Record.