$1 million needed to endow Ignite Davie

Published 8:33 am Thursday, December 9, 2021

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The “Inve$t in our Kids” capital campaign for Ignite Davie was launched to raise the final $1 million needed to reach the $3 million goal to endow the college promise program.
“Every donation moves us closer to our goal and we need you to get it finished,” said Jane Simpson, president and CEO of the Davie Community Foundation. “Reaching the $3 million goal will ensure that Ignite Davie is still investing in students when our kindergarten children become high school seniors.
“Thanks to the commitment and collaboration of many organizations and individuals, Ignite Davie has secured more than $2 million of its $3 million goal. We ask our community to continue to support the Ignite Davie College Promise. An investment in Ignite Davie is an investment in our community. By joining together, we can make education beyond high school available to all Davie students,” she said.
Ignite Davie pays tuition and fees with a stipend for books for Davie students to attend either campus of Davidson-Davie Community College full time. They may pursue a certificate, diploma or associate degree. Ignite Davie provides the opportunity for education and training beyond high school for students to pursue careers.
Ignite Davie students are asked to give back to Davie County. They must volunteer in the community five hours each semester. The volunteer requirement was delayed last year due to COVID, but this year students are out in the community providing help.
Another way Ignite Davie students will be out in the community is through the Career Connections program which connects students to local employers for work-based learning opportunities that align with their course of study. This program gives students real world experience and employers are connected to potential employees. Career Connections will be officially launched in Spring 2022.
Today more than 130 Davie students are continuing their education without incurring student debt thanks to the Ignite Davie college promise program.
“It is a solid investment in our students and our community, but it will take all of us to make it a success,” Simpson said.
For more information or to donate, visit ignitedavie.com; contact Carolyn McManamy, director Davie Connect, at 336-753-6670.