Florence B. Cody

Published 8:55 am Thursday, November 18, 2021

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Ms. Florence B. Cody, 86, of Bluffton and mother of Jennifer Cody-Murphy, died Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2021, at her residence.
Florence Berlina Cody was born in Davie County on Nov. 15, 1934 with an infectious laugh and smile to Booker T. and Florence Van Eaton Cody. Florence, the 7th of 12 siblings, was a matriarch in her extended family. Education always came first to Florence. She received her early education through lessons from her mom and dad, her extended family, and church, before eventually attending Davie County Training School. Florence didn’t stop there, as she earned her associate’s degree from Lehman College in the Bronx.
As a single parent of one daughter, Jennifer Cody Murphy, Florence strategically raised Jennifer much the same as Florence lived her life — via the pursuit of becoming the best version of oneself through tireless effort, a commitment to education, faith, and an understanding of where one fit into history.
Focused and independent, Florence lived most of her adult life in New York in both the Bronx and Yonkers. For over 40 years, Florence was a steadfast blood bank technician at one of the finest hospitals in the country, Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan. Despite working the midnight shift for many of those years, Florence moonlighted at several other hospitals across New York in order to provide for and support her daughter and her mother. Florence understood the value of a dollar, so much so that she raised an accountant, but she was always more than willing to share in her excess to support not only her daughter and grandchildren, but many in her family who needed a helping hand.
Florence, who committed her life to serve The Savior, Jesus Christ, was an active member of Grace Baptist Church, in Mount Vernon, N.Y.
Florence spent her life caring for many but she doted on her grandchildren Nicholas, Jaunell, and Niles Murphy. Even after a long night of work, she was patient and never too tired or busy to share her imminent wisdom, time, and joy with her grandchildren, whether she was teaching them the simple things in life, like gardening, or hopping on the train to catch the Bronx Bombers.
Florence is survived by: her daughter; grandchildren, great-grandchildren, Isabel and Xander Murphy; and a host of nieces and nephews.
Florence’s family will forever remember with great pride her strength, determination, wisdom, high expectations, generosity, and loving care. Although she is with the Lord whom she served faithfully, the seeds she has sown continue to grow and be fruitful, to the glory of God. Florence’s family feels extraordinarily blessed to be kin of Florence B. Cody, remain thankful for her, and are joyful that she is present with the Lord. We look forward to joining her in due time.
In lieu of flowers the family wishes that donations be made to the Davie County Community Foundation. Donations may be made by: online at daviefoundation.org, select Donate, at Allocate, scroll to and select Davie County Training-Central Davie High School, Comment: In memory of Florence B. Cody, Class of 1952; or mail to Davie Community Foundation, PO Box 546, 107 N. Salisbury St., Mocksville, NC 27028, Note in the memo: DCT-CDH, Florence Cody Class of 1952.