Public Records for week of Nov. 11, 2021

Published 9:33 am Thursday, November 11, 2021

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Land Transfers
The following land transfers were filed with the Davie Register of Deeds, listed by parties involved, acreage, location and deed stamps purchased, with $2 representing $1,000.
– CMH Homes to Brent Sneed and Shelby Sneed, 1.2 acres, Fred Lanier Road, Mocksville, $400.
– The J. Ryan Group and Hilo Enterprise to RAM Homes, 12 lots, Stacee Heights, Jerusalem Township, $800.
– Frances B. Cleary to Frances B. Cleary and Tabitha Holbrook, tracts, Clarksville Township.
– Selena Blanton Dyson, Norma Blanton Jones and Barry Jones to Cameron J. Webb, 2 lots, Jerusalem Township, $330.
– John Southard to Emily B. Willard, tracts, McKnight/Apple Acres roads, $478.
– Richard L. Beuter and Lyn M. Beuter to Katherine L. Daniel, 1 lot, Twin Cedars Subdivision, $450.
– Zachary Wallace and Shelly Wallace to NEI Global Relocation Co., 1 lot, March Woods, Advance, $912.
– NEI Global Relocation Co. to Glenn Harrison Kirk and Mary Ann Kirk, 1 lot, March Woods, Advance, $912.
– Bryan C. Thompson, guardian to Frances S. Entwistle and Katherine S. Frazier, 2.03 acres, Farmington Road, Mocksville, $663.
– Cynthia Bailey Benson to Robert Floyd Benson Jr., 1 lot, Turnberry at Boxwood Village, Mocksville.
– Joseph R. Brewer and Nancy H. Brewer to Taylor Danielle Brewer, 1 acre, Howardtown Circle, Mocksville.
– Bradley A. Quayle and Cindy Lee Quayle to David Michael Brandmahl and Ramona Frye Brandmahl, 2 lots, Deacon’s Ridge, Mocksville Township, $656.
– Anthony J. Genovese and Tina Genovese to Brittany Joens McKay and Adam McKay, 1 lot, Still Waters Subdivision, Fulton Township, $36.
– Boyd T. Hendrix Jr. and Deborah J. Hendrix to Jed G. Berg and Darlene J. Berg, 1 tract, Brooke Cove, Calahaln Township, $914.
– Madeline C. Vazquez, Michele L. Vazquez Knight and James Knight to Lynn M. Beuter and Richard L. Beuter, 1 villa, Milling Way, Mocksville, $340.
– Jerry Crews and Janie Crews to Jeffery Eaton and Ann Eaton, 1 lot, Sheffield Acres, Clarksville Township, $38.
– Colonial Estates to William C. Cockerham and Alesia D. Cockerham, 1 lot, Colonial Estates, Mocksville, $80.
– Edward Isom Lawson to Rhiannon Danielle Childress and Samuel James Lucas, 1 lot, Oak Valley, Advance, $704.
– Steven Ray McVay and Jenna Shae McVay to William E. Everhart, .94 acre, Wiley Acres, $420.
– Jerry H. Knox and Jane G. Knox to Karen Sisel, 1 villa, Bermuda Village, $682.
– Henrietta LaVerne Cain and Avis LaVerne Cain Smith to Ivatan LLC, tract, Mocksville Township, $2.
– Samuel L. Hall and Tonya V. Hall to Ehab Wahib Chaaban and Fadine Rachid Al Aawar, 8.74 acres, US 601 N., Mocksville, $90.
– Nydia V. Rivera Velez and Israel Martinez to Shelia Brown, 1 lot, Springdale Subdivision, $460.
– Zhe Fu and Mingshe Zhang to Cynthia Ann Kruth and Aaron S. Kruth, 5 lots, Edgewood Development, $526.
– Dale Gilreath and Sandy Gilreath to Michael F. Hunter and Lindsay R. Hunter, 1 lot, Garden Valley, Mocksville Township, $630.
– John A.H. Porter and Kathryn J. Porter to Nicholas A. Miethe and Jaden M. Miethe, 2 lots, Bermuda Run, $1,770.
– Justin Waller and Sydnie George Waller to Bruce Wayne Sammons and Shawnee Lynn Sammons, 1 lot, Charleston Ridge, Mocksville, $550.
– Eastwood Construction Partners to Erik Shane McLane and Teresa Ann Cope, 1 lot, Kinderton Village, Bermuda Run, $800.
– Ron L. Smith and Nancy Jeanette Smith, and John L. Smith and Rebecca Smith to Ronnie Lee Smith and Nancy Jeanette Smith, 2 tracts.
– Samuel G. Bailey and Linda F. Bailey to Clelvir Alexis Perez and Jessica Elizabeth Escobar, 1 lot, John Crotts Road, Mocksville.
– SECU*RE to Toby Williams and Dallas Williams, tracts, Fulton Township, $350.
– Braxton Real Estate and Development Co. to D.R. Horton Inc., 12 lots Highland Place, $1,164.
– Michael Rice and Heather Christine Rice to Karen F. Hollard, 1.01 acres, Jerusalem Township, $390.
– Jennifer Gibson to Velvet Edwards and Ralph Edwards, 1 lot, Hunter’s Pointe, Farmington Township, $500.
– Iris Dyson Lookabill to Eugene Potts, 1 lot, Carowoods Subdivision, Mocksville Township, $336.
– Judy Ellis Thompson to Erich Bryan Salie and Emily A. Sells-Salie, 1 lot, Woodlee, Farmington Township, $458.
– Betina Loflin Gonzalez and Benigno Gonzalez to Courtney M. Wells and Kevin D. Wells, 15.14 acres.
– Jennifer E. Mack and Joseph A. Mack to RMI SFR PropCo A, 1 lot, Essex Farm, $730.
– Shedley Investments to Ralph Harding and Justin Draughn, .19 acre, Ken Dwiggins Drive, Mocksville, $20.
– Carolgale Builders Co. to Cassandra Camielle Carson, 4.55 acres, Calahaln Township, $280.
– Hugh A. Lee Jr. to Gregory Terrence Bachnik III and Natasha Nicole Bachnik, 1 lot, River Road, Advance, $700.
– Peter E. Parker to Ronald Lee Townsend, tract, Farmington Township, $900.
– Mary Frye Poole to TDMM, 2.52 acres, Jerusalem Township, $218.
– Piotr Truskowski and Iwona Truskowski to Kristina Smith and John Smith, tract, $362.
– Debra R. Carlew to Nancy Deitz Rector, 12 lot, South Arbor, Jerusalem Township, $614.
– SAWS Ltd. to Cecilia Rodriguez Policarpo and Marisela Rodriguez Policarpo, 1 lot, Sallie Acres, $80.
– Amanda Dawn Jackson to Christopher Shultz and Megan Shultz, 1 lot, Creekwood Estates, Farmington Township, $500.
– Sammy Sparks Jr. and Whitney Sparks to Jeffrey Allen Miller and Carmen Simpson Miller, 4.59 acres, $53.
– Brittany Hudson and Devon Hudson to Dawn Marie Alden and Thomas B. Alden, 1 condominium, Kinderton Village, Bermuda Run, $380.
– Margie M. Myers, Larry M. Myers (and as co-executor of estate), Thomas W. Myers, Dwight M. Myers (and as co-executor of estate) and Marcella M. Myers, Ricky E. Myers and Allison Myers to Delmar McDaniel, tracts, US 601 S., Mocksville, $300.
– Steward Wilson Howell and Luvada Bowens Howell to Jason Kent Wisecarver and Carolyn Jamie Wisecarver, 1 lot, Shady Grove Township.
– Mabe Steele Inc. to Cecil Todd Corvin and Shelly Allen Corvin, 1 lot, Knoll Crest Estates, Jerusalem Township, $70.
– Lucy Shaffer McClamrock, trustee to Jerry Wayne Bales and Shelia Bales, 1 lot, Jerusalem Township, $120.
– Katherine E. Brown and Michael T. Campbell to Walter Gene Maddox and Sandra Hall, tract, Calahaln Township, $370.
– Juan Wallace Cohen and Doris Evans Cohen to Preston Seth Cohen, interest in 2.24 acres, Calahaln Township, $198.
– Estate of Sadie Jones, Gloria LaVon Jones, and Carnell Jones and Charlene C. Jones to Gloria LaVon Jones, tract, Jerusalem Township.
– Gloria LaVon Jones, and Carnell Jones and Charlene C. Jones to James Arthur Graves and Rusela Pidenes Graves, 1 tract, Jerusalem Township, $20.
– Alliance Development of the Carolinas to Wishon and Carter Builders, 1 lot, Summerlyn Farms, Mocksville, $84.
– Elaine Sharon Dolan and Edward John Dolan to Joe Nathan Reavis, 1 lot, Redland Way, Farmington Township, $800.

The following were issued marriage licenses by the Davie Register of Deeds.
– Kelly Suzanne Jordan, 41, and Rodney Duane Adams, 47, of Advance.
– Billy Stan Riddle, 64, of Mocksville, and Celeste Lyon Martin, 59, of Winston-Salem.
– Shaun Christopher Watkins, 32, and Jill Erin Shaffer, 34, of Advance.
– Kaitlin Elizabeth Lanier, 24, and Daniel Aaron Ramsey, 23, of Advance.
– Brittany Leigh Sanford, 29, and Frederick Eugene Cothren, 37, of Mocksville.
– Vincent Andrew Hudson, 41, and Heather Dawn Harris, 32, of Mocksville.
– Rawley Raymond McBride III, 34, and Bailey Elizabeth Carpenter, 26, both of Mocksville.
– Alli Leeann Goforth, 20, and Hunter Kyle Rice, 23, of Mocksville.
– Rachel Rebecca Conner, 42, and Michael Garrett Digh, 49, of Advance.
– Clarissa Louise Reeves, 25, and Anthony Allen Nelson Jr., 28, of Mocksville.
– Alisha Gabrielle Bullis, 30, of Winston-Salem, and Taylor Matthew Hedrick, 28, of Advance.
– Laryn Alexandra Dooley, 27, and Brandon Dean Hardin, 30, of Mocksville.
– Lauren Ashley Phillips, 28, and Kyle Reid Temple, 30, of Advance.
– Haley Nicole Brown, 22, and Preston Blake Walker, 24, of Advance.
– Rusty Lee McClelland, 52, and Katina Michelle Miller, 49, of Bermuda Run.
– Zachary Tyler Craver, 26, and Katelyn Rene Grubbs, 21, both of Mocksville.
– Lloyd Chase Taylor, 27, of Salisbury, and Brittany Marie Cranfill, 26, of Mocksville.
– Mariah Dawn Reneau, 23, and Garrett Taylor Beck, 23, of Tennessee.
– Paige Nicole Smart, 27, and Justin Conrad Russell, 30, of Advance.
– Teanna Kay Patterson, 32, and Christopher Byron Blevins, 33, of Stony Point.
– Katelyn Jean Webb, 21, and Markus Alexander Erlandsson, 21, both of Advance.
– Stacy Nichole Fine, 47, and Delton Corbin Smith, Sr., 61, of Advance.
– Eric Alan Dixon, 38, and Brittany Renae Howard, 34, of Mocksville.
– Sierra Anna Maria Purkey, 23, and Patrick Damian Brake, 25, of Mocksville.
– Jenna Marie Care, 23, and Kyle David Hollis Baker, 25, of Mocksville.
– Cayetano Alexis Hernandez Juarez, 26, of Mocksville, and Joy Ann Nifong, 20, of Winston-Salem.
– Cheyenne Nicole Jones, 24, and Zachary Ryan Powell, 34, of Woodleaf.
– Elizabeth Ann Luper, 30, of Advance, and Nickolas Andrew Kephart, 34, of Winston-Salem.
– Jennifer Morgan Nelson, 26, and Casey Turner Viers, 28, of Mocksville.
– Daniel George Ferber, 24, and Amanda Louise West, 24, of Mocksville.
– Destiny Lynn McCrary, 21, and Austin Taylor Johnson, 21, of Mocksville.
– Julie Brooke Miller, 21, and Travis Lawrence Smith, 29, both of Mocksville.
– Aleena Danielle Vieyra, 31, and Luis Diego Garcia Hidalgo, 34, of Winston-Salem.
– Robyn Lynn Creason, 36, and Dallas Wade Purvis, 45, of Cleveland.
– Kacie Rebecca Summer Hatherlee, 23, and Christopher James Swiergiel, 28, both of Advance.
– Jean Pierre Lazo Huallpa, 30, of South Carolina, and Emily Charlotte Harper, 19, of Mocksville.
– Dean Adam Lineberry, 58, and Loretta Lynn Sturgill, 57, of Mocksville.
– Clayton Garrett Whittington, 26, and Baleigh Nicholle Johnson, 23, of Advance.
– Corbin Lee Tackett, 26, of King, and Kayla Alley Snuggs, 24, of Greensboro.
– James Byron Fox, 66, and Kimberly Michelle Ridings, 53, of Mocksville.
– Tommy Blair Chandler, 29, and Anne Marie Lopez Taberdo, 35, of Mocksville.
– Jason William Smith, 33, and Brittany Michelle Smith, 25, of Mocksville.
– Troy Hunter McDaniel, 23, of Mocksville, and Sydney Paige Morgan, 23, of Rutherfordton.
– Jennifer Jo Nabozny, 46, and Kyle George Prutznal, 46, of Mocksville.
– Jasia Tenille Stevenson, 37, and Jason Tyress Nelson, 34, of Greensboro.
– Jennifer Katharine Devlin, 31, and Justin Michael Lanier, 34, of Advance.
– Victoria Breeanna Burke, 22, and Christopher Nathan Simmons II, 21, of Mocksville.
– Gary Kent Green, 49, and Kathleen Rose Murphy, 51, of Mocksville.
– Hanna Rose Jones, 25, and Matthew Wayne Scarlett, 25, of Mocksville.
– Erica Michelle Etchison, 28, and Joshua Shannon Medlin, 32, of Mocksville.
– Anthony Lavare Steele, 32, of Mocksville, and Kimberly Ann Haines, 31, of Lexington.
– Noah James Moon, 38, and Sabrina Leigh Huff, 38, of Mocksville.
– Diana Victoria Vides, 27, and Daniel Brett Gibbs, 27, of Morrisville.
– Tobias B. Wengerd, 27, of Pennsylvania, and Mary Anna Nisley, 23, of Mocksville.
– Rebecca Kim Lamberth, 25, and Matthew Justus Turney, 25, of Mocksville.
– Xavier Ashwyn Gunn, 21, and Makenna Ashton Carter, 18, both of Advance.

Sheriff’s Office
The following are from Davie County Sheriff’s Office reports.
Nov. 6: suspicious activity, Carnoustie Way, Bermuda Run; suspicious activity, Godbey Road, Mocksville; disturbance, Stacee Trail, Mocksville; larceny, US 64 E., Mocksville; missing person, Farmington Road, Mocksville; communicating threats, NC 801 N., Bermuda Run; disturbance, Willhaven Drive, Mocksville; larceny, Howell Road, Mocksville; larceny, Willhaven Drive, Mocksville; larceny, Country Lane, Mocksville; damage to property, Idlewild Road, Advance; communicating threats, Ridge Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Yadkinville Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Southwood Drive, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Mill St., Mocksville; trespassing, Duke Whittaker Road, Mocksville; abduction, NC 801 S., Mocksville.
Nov. 5: noise complaint, Morning Glory Circle, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, W. Maple Ave., Mocksville; communicating threats, Hobson Drive, Mocksville; communicating threats,
Williams Road, Advance; missing person, US 601 S., Mocksville; suspicious activity, Wilkesboro St., Mocksville; trespassing, Swicegood St., Mocksville; larceny, Yadkinville Road, Mocksville; larceny, Cooper Creek Drive, Mocksville; fraud, US 601 S., Mocksville; domestic assist, US 64 W., Mocksville; larceny, Yadkinville Road, Mocksville; larceny, Cooper Creek Drive, Mocksville; fraud, Hospital St., Mocksville; assault, War Eagle Drive, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Bethelhem Drive, Advance; domestic disturbance, Sweetgum Drive, Mocksville.
Nov. 4: suspicious activity, Cooper Creek Drive, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Lakewood Circle, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Cemetery St., Mocksville; suspicious activity, Beauchamp Road, Advance; suspicious activity, Raymond St., Mocksville; suspicious activity, US 601 N., Mocksville; disturbance, Camden Point Court, Mocksville; burglary, Joy Trail, Mocksville; burglary, US 64 E., Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Government Center Drive, Mocksville; noise complaint, Shadybrook Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Cornatzer Road, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, W. Kinderton Way, Bermuda Run; disturbance, E. Lexington Road, Mocksville; communicating threats, Ivy Circle, Bermuda Run; domestic disturbance, Milling Road, Mocksville; domestic assist, Grannaman Drive, Mocksville; fraud, Miller Road, Mocksville; burglary, Nolley Road, Mocksville; larceny, Potts
Road, Advance; fraud, Oak Valley Blvd., Advance; larceny, Grove St., Cooleemee; larceny, Marklin Ave., Mocksville; burglary, larceny, assault, S. Salisbury St., Mocksville; communicating threats, Sweetgum Drive, Mocksville; larceny, Graham St., Mocksville; larceny, Duke St., Cooleemee.
Nov. 3: domestic disturbance, Deadmon Road, Mocksville; fraud, Rainbow Road, Advance; suspicious activity, US 601 N., Mocksville; suspicious activity, N. Hiddenbrooke Drive, Advance; communicating threats, Valley Road, Mocksville; communicating threats, NC 801 N., Bermuda Run; suspicious activity, Brentwood Drive, Advance; suspicious activity, Yadkinville Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Yadkinville Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, NC 801 S., Mocksville; harassment, Camden Point Court, Mocksville; harassment, NC 801 N., Bermuda Run; larceny, Government Center Drive, Mocksville; larceny, Country Lane, Mocksville; suspicious activity, War
Eagle Drive, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Sweetgum Drive, Mocksville.
Nov. 2: burglary, Mountview Drive, Mocksville; harassment, Swicegood St., Mocksville; larceny, Swicegood St., Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Pointe House Lane, Mocksville; disturbance, Martin Luther King Jr. Road, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Underpass Road, Advance; harassment, assault, Cemetery St., Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Mr. Henry Road, Mocksville; larceny, Bare Lane, Mocksville; harassment, Idlewild Road, Advance; trespassing, Woodpark Drive, Mocksville; damage to property, Pointe House Lane, Mocksville; assault, Gladstone Road, Mocksville; harassment, Merrells Lake Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Pendleton Drive, Bermuda Run; illegal dumping, John Crotts Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Dalton Road, Mocksville; missing person, Rainbow Road, Advance; domestic assist, Dianna Lane, Mocksville; fraud, Government Center Drive, Mocksville; domestic assist, Dianna Lane, Mocksville; disturbance, S. Clement St., Mocksville; disturbance, Cooper Creek Drive, Mocksville; breaking and entering, Barney Road, Advance; trespassing, Ollie Harkey Road, Advance; larceny, Peter Hairston Road, Advance; suspicious activity, Farmington Road, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Enterprise Way, Mocksville.
Nov. 1: trespassing, Childrens Home Road, Mocksville; harassment, NC 801 S., Cooleemee; harassment, NC 801 S., Mocksville; suspicious activity, Duke St., Cooleemee; trespassing, Cooper Creek Drive, Mocksville; assault, Hobson Drive, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Markland Road/NC 801 S. Advance; harassment, Swicegood St., Mocksville; suspicious activity, Watt St., Cooleemee; larceny, Hobby Horse Lane, Mocksville; missing person, Government Center Drive, Mocksville; trespassing, Hidden Creek Drive, Advance; larceny, Cooper Creek Drive, Mocksville; trespassing, Fonso Way, Mocksville; suspicious activity, NC 801 S., Advance; larceny, Cooper Creek Drive, Mocksville; sex offense, War Eagle Drive, Mocksville; harassment, Locust St., Mocksville; suspicious activity, Beauchamp Road, Advance; domestic disturbance, Wilkesboro St., Mocksville; harassment, assault, S. Davie Drive, Mocksville; damage to property, Cemetery St., Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Wilkesboro St., Mocksville; suspicious activity, US 158, Mocksville.
Oct. 31: harassment, Gladstone Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Ratledge Road, Mocksville; larceny, Royall Lane, Mocksville; suspicious activity, US 64 E., Advance; domestic disturbance, Guinevere Lane, Mocksville; disturbance, LaQuinta Drive, Advance; trespassing, US 64 W., Mocksville; noise complaint, N. Main St., Mocksville; harassment, Ridgehaven Place, Mocksville; disturbance, Ashley Brook Lane, Mocksville; disturbance, Yadkinville Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Cemetery St., Mocksville; suspicious activity, Koontz Road, Mocksville; damage to property, Hobson Drive, Mocksville; custody issue, Bermuda Run Drive, Bermuda Run; fraud, Government Center Drive, Mocksville; burglary, Park Drive, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Keswick Drive, Advance; suspicious activity, N. Hiddenbrooke Drive, Advance; disturbing the peace, Abbey Lane, Mocksville.

The following were arrested by the Davie County Sheriff’s Office.
Nov. 6: Raymond Michael Hall, 21, of Rockwell, injury to property; Andrea Leigh Long, 29, of US 601 S., Mocksville, obtaining property by false pretense.
Nov. 5: Jessica Lynn Cofer, 34, of Needmore Road, Woodleaf, larceny; Belisario Martinez, 45, of Wilkesboro St., Mocksville; resisting an officer, trespassing.
Nov. 4: Matthew Tyler Inman, 34, of Milling Road, Mocksville, criminal contempt; Mariah Cortney McDowell, 35, of Sweetgum Drive, Mocksville, trespassing; Cedric Lesdenard Moss, 55, of Graham St., Mocksville, unauthorized use of vehicle; Bobby Wayne Roseman Jr., 48, of Merrells Lake Road, Mocksville, felony probation violation.
Nov. 3: Larry Dale Hagler, 27, of Hobson Drive, Mocksville, simple affray; Amber Lynn Porter, 39, of Hobson Drive, Mocksville; injury to property, trespassing.
Nov. 2: Brianna Leigh Ball, 20, of Pilot Mountain, maintaining a vehicle or dwelling for a controlled substance, felony possession of marijuana, possession of marijuana paraphernalia; Tony Martin Deese, 27, of NC 801 S., Cooleemee, larceny after breaking and entering, breaking and entering; Olajawan Jadaren Hairston, 27, of Winston-Salem, governor’s warrant.
Nov. 1: Justin Benjamin Haste, 35, of Winston-Salem, trespassing.
Oct. 31: Connie Farrell, 62, of NC 801 S., Mocksville, assault; Ronald Jason Kinzer, 38, of US 64 W., Mocksville, probation violation; Joshua Shwayne Ramseur, 30, of Skyview Lake Road, Harmony, failure to appear in court.