Christmas in Bermuda Run: ‘Tree-O’ planning a day of activities for Dec. 5

Published 9:31 am Thursday, November 11, 2021

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BERMUDA RUN – Ask Rosanne Peacock, Sharon Reid, and Christy Schafer what they did on summer vacation, and there will be a collective three-word answer, “Think about Christmas.”
Not the Christmas in July sales or purchasing early presents for family and friends, but an event – Christmas in the Town of Bermuda Run.
The first Christmas in the Town of Bermuda Run was born out of the 2020 idea to light a tree atop Davie Medical Center.
“It was a sad year, and we needed something to look at that would bring us joy,” Peacock said in a recent “tree meeting.” The tree lighting raised considerable funds donated to Family Promise and the Davie Medical staff emergency fund.
The idea, conceived by three Bermuda Run residents, Peacock, Reid, and Schafer, now dubbed the “Tree-O,” by Bermuda Run’s Mayor, Rick Cross, felt this year, a community event was possible.
“Christmas in the Town of Bermuda Run has become a truly collaborative community event,” Schafer said. “Our residents, charitable organizations, and businesses have embraced the idea and helped bring the concept to reality. Everyone we speak to is genuinely excited about the event. I think, we need a little Christmas. It’s been a couple of tough years.”
There will be music, decorations, treats, and games. The event will be outside so that the children can visit Santa safely. Schafer has written a Suess-type story to commemorate the day. A special guest will read the story. There may even be a visit from our own Buddy the Elf, Reid said.
So how do you bring this event to reality?
With many hands.
The “Tree-O” has enlisted the help of the Davie Chamber of Commerce, Smith Grove Fire Department, Steelman’s Ace Hardware, The Bermuda Run Garden Club, the Mocksville Woman’s Club, Davie Life, Bermuda Run Living, Bermuda Run Country Club, Hillsdale Real Estate Group, and many individual supporters. The list of businesses and supporters continues to grow.
“Sharon, Rosanne, and I conceived the event to be a gift to the children of our community, so it takes charity from our businesses and individual donors. It was such a blessing that Mayor Cross, Lee Rollins, Bermuda Run’s Town Manager, and the Town Council enthusiastically endorsed the event,” Schafer said.
Seeing a bigger picture, the “Tree-O'” has a dream for all the business owners in the Bermuda Run community to illuminate their place of business with white lights along the frontage.
“We have a plan for that,” Peacock said. They cite the Town of Mocksville as a Hallmark look at Christmas and envision the same in Bermuda Run.
“Wouldn’t it be beautiful if the entire county celebrated the season with lights?,” Peacock said.
The fun-filled family event will begin at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 5, with the arrival of the town’s own Santa Claus, escorted with much fanfare by the Smith Grove Fire Department.
Following Santa’s appearance, the kids will have games managed by the Bermuda Run Tennis volunteers.
An ornament craft-making center for the kids, hosted by the Bermuda Run Garden Club, will produce edible bird-friendly ornaments. The edible decorations will hang on the town tree.
Hillsdale Real Estate Group will provide carriage rides with horses decked out in melodic sleigh bells and carriage masters from the Dickens era.
There will be festive treats provided by Steelman’s Ace Hardware, Bermuda Run Country Club, The Mocksville Woman’s Club, and Bermuda Run Living.
Do you like tacky colorful Christmas sweaters? Do you wear them proudly during the holiday season? Bermuda Run Cares will judge a Tacky Sweater Contest for the adults. So, dress up and be seen in your tackiest of tacky.
For children who enjoy kitchen activities, a Gingerbread House decorating contest, judged by local chefs, will be held during the festivities. Guidelines for the Gingerbread House contest will be on the Bermuda Run Facebook page after Nov. 12.
Barry Rentz, The Musical Jukebox, will provide the holiday music for the day.
The event will culminate with the town’s lighting of its Christmas tree and a good old-fashioned Christmas carol sing-along.
The “Tree-O” thanks and expresses their deep gratitude to The Bermuda Run Garden Club. These women stepped up and have donated the living Christmas Tree.
There is still time to volunteer and support financially. You may do so by contacting one of the “Tree-O.” It will be a simple “old-fashioned Christmas event.”
“We hope it will become a family tradition for our town’s residents for years to come,” Schafer said. “And the Tree-O, in their usual fashion, sing out, ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year,”
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