Mocksville Candidate: Carl Lambert

Published 9:39 am Thursday, October 14, 2021

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The Candidate


Carl G. Lambert




Wilkesboro Street


Wife, Kim


Funeral Home owner, Lambert Funeral Home


Liberty University, degree in business and religion; Cincinnati College, degree in mortuary science

In The Community

• Mocksville Masonic Lodge

• President of Rotary Club

• Past chair, Davie County School Board

• Past chair, Davie YMCA

• Past Board Member, Chamber of Commerce

• Past Board Member, United Way

Why did you decide to seek public office?

Lambert: Mocksville has been our home for over 34 years. My children were born and raised here.

This town has some of the most caring and innovative citizens anywhere that you could find.

A gentle spirit of community sweeps through the entire area and it is unlike any where else. This makes Mocksville a true gem of the South. Think about this … a community college from the ground up. First class school system, second to none Healthcare, beautiful parks, a community arts center, library, vibrant downtown, spirited but innovative government that truly works for its citizens. An incredible group of citizens that are unlike any other area. Step outside and look in. Take a good hard look at what we have to offer here. At that point, you will clearly see why I decided to run for office.

What is the No. 1 issue facing your town and what is your plan to address that issue?

Lambert: With all the “good” that comes with a Town like Mocksville, we should be climbing always to get to the “great”. With a fiscal budget for 21-22 of $12,119,047, we are on the cusp of incredible job growth, economic growth, and community growth just to name a few. To maintain this, is no small feat. Recall, if you will, that many areas of the country are suffering from effects of many factors that have pushed their respective communities down. We here at home are vibrant, we are diverse, creative, hardworking citizens. We care deeply about one another, despite our differences at times. Consider the fact that job growth continues to explode, housing and construction is on the rise, the need for infrastructure continues for such things as street paving, water line replacement, a north elevated water tank, downtown beautification, just to name a few. We must have fiscal responsibility, with current fund balance at June 30, around $4,608,967. The town will need strong leaders with good business sense, transparency, and good core values to assure that Mocksville moves in the right direction for years to come. This will require steady leadership. Strong leadership, that represents its citizens well. A listening ear will be needed and the ability to be a voice for the citizens when required.

What is the top quality that makes you proud of your town?

Lambert: My roots run deep here, many of my ancestors are from this region and surrounding counties. I moved to Mocksville over 3 decades ago and could see it from the outside looking in. Things that might be taken for granted by some, were so impressive to me. The small-town charm, the ability for community to get things done. Just look at the major projects that have come here to improve quality of life. Parks, YMCA. Community College, Stores, Arts, public safety, beautiful downtown shops, just to name a few. For those of you who know me well, you have heard me say this so many times, our best is still ahead.  “Mocksville, just livin’ the dream.”