NRA grants keep shooting sports teams going

Published 9:19 am Thursday, October 7, 2021

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The Friends of the NRA awarded Cowden Youth Shooting Sports a grant which supplied the ammunition needed for the 2021 youth shooting sports season.

This is the eighth year that TCYSS or the Davie County 4-H Shooting Sports Club has received ammunition, targets, and other equipment.

“There is no way that we could continue the programs that we support without the support of the Friends of the NRA,” said Nelson Cowden.

Tom Cowden Youth Shooting Sports’ primary mission is to support the Davie County 4-H Shooting Sports Club. TCYSS provides the range, and any equipment, targets, ammunition, firearms, bows, any club member might need to participate.

Summer programs are held for 4-H and this year two summer programs fwere added or the Davie County Recreation and Parks Department.

“This past year was an exceptionally difficult year for ammunition as there were and continue to be shortages,” Cowden said. “The Friends of NRA provided shotgun shells and .22 LR ammunition to the value of about $5,000. Without their generous gift, we would be in dire straights as far as the things we want to accomplish in the community teaching firearms safety and positive youth development through shooting sports.

“We were able to grow significantly this year, rather than just holding on”thanks to this grant and others. TCYSS has truly been blessed this year,” he said.