Where were you on 9-11: Residents remember that day in 2001

Published 9:17 am Thursday, September 9, 2021

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Following are excerpts from Davie County Enterprise Record readers as to where they were on Sept. 11, 2001.

Jenn Smith

In the seventh grade at North Davie, we were in between classes and I was going to science. My teacher was sitting on the edge of her desk with this grave look of concern on her face watching the TV. When class was supposed to start she told us to work on something quietly for the time being but we were all glued to the TV. We saw the second plane hit on live television. I don’t believe we got any work done that day. One of my friends was very upset because his mom was a flight attendant. I remember a lot of us went home early that day. Looking back now, seeing the pictures and watching the videos, I feel the same black hole of terror in the pit of my stomach.

Judy H. Cleary

I was walking the treadmeal at the Y watching TV and regular broadcasting was interruppted. We gathered around and watched. Then, in horror, we realized this was no accident. We were mesmerized as we watched the attack unfold and all the evens that followed. We each went our own way and hugged our loved ones a little tighter in the weeks that followed.

Tonya Hutchens

I was working third shift and had went to bed. My husband woke me up and told me you’re not going to believe what is happening. When I saw all those people trying to flee and those buildings falling, I just cried. I didn’t want to believe it was real. I still cry on the anniversary.

Monte Taylor

During my teaching career I was lucky enough that I almost never missed school. On that terrible Tuesday I was sick and was on the couch watching CNN. They reported the first plane hitting the tower and I thought someone must have gotten off track or had a problem with the plane. A few minutes later I actually saw the second plane hit the remaining Tower and I knew right then something was going on that wasn’t good. I was glued to the TV the rest of the day and night.

Donna Boger

Working at William R. Davie in the reading program, our volunteers had come to tutor. Somehow we heard the news. We all gathered to pray. I remember just wanting to be home. I don’t think I will ever be able to forget.

Debbie Lankford Singleton

Home sick from work that day. My momma called and told me to turn on TV. I watched the second plane fly into the tower. I was glued to TV the rest of the day. It was so surreal

Joyel Buelin Miller

I was working for Lexington Home Brands. I remember hearing it go around at work. But when I got home that afternoon and turned on the TV and actually seen the reality of what was happening was truly heartbreaking and disturbing. I wish somehow that we all could come close like we were then instead of being so divided.

Anne Gould

I was teaching school. We stopped everything and turned on the TV until the district told us to turn off the TVs. I know exactly what room I was in and what teacher I was working with. I have a high school friend who was supposed to be in the Twin Towers that morning but was at a meeting elsewhere and many of her coworkers were lost. She continues to have nightmares about it and is a journalist.

Katie O’Brien Hendricks

Sitting at work in Winston when the company president pulled us all into a meeting to let us know what was happening. Shortly after that we were sent home – I grab my son who was 4 months old and went to my in-laws. As I was watching the coverage I was frantically trying to get a hold of my best friend Margie who worked in Tower II, later on when the list of those that were on Flight 175 – my family and I realized that our cousin Dr. Frederick Rimmele III was on that flight. Several friends from my high school lost their lives as well that day. It will always be a day that I will remember because of impact on my family and area I grew up in.

Joel Honeycutt

We were trying to get the afternoon Salisbury Post edition out. Had to keep throwing the front page away. Things kept changing so much.

Mechiell Austin

I was at home talking to my friend Suzanne Hazelwood. She and her husband had just came home a day or so before. While on the phone she told me to turn on the TV. She had saw the first plane hit. I saw the plane on TV hit the second tower. My friend and her husband had ate at Windows on the World just days before. I was so thankful their trip had been earlier. Scared not knowing exactly what was happening, if their would be further attacks. Sad at the unimaginable loss of lives that day. We should never forget this terrorist attack. Sadly, some have.

Kay Caudle

Working at CCB. My Mom called to tell us what had happened. We then watched it on one of our TV’s. So sad. Never will forget this day.

Dina Bowman

Working at Ingersoll Rand Credit Union. Borrowed a TV from my Mom and Dad to watch it while we worked.

Kim Felts Ross

I remember being at home (stay at home Mom) caring for my daughter. I saw it on TV and immediately called my Daddy to see if he was watching it. I was so upset and remember all the uncertainty of not knowing if we needed to take shelter or not. We will never forget.

Joyce Barber Morris

I was living in Key Largo, FL. Getting ready for work. Got distracted by a phone call from the doctors office; right at that moment I watch the second plane hit. I just didn’t understand what was happening at the time. I was scared. Very scared.

Andrew D. Austin

In first grade at Mocksville Elementary. Nobody really told us anything that I recall. I only remember the flags being on the lightpoles downtown afterwards.

Gina Beaver Burton

I was working at Foster-Rauch Drug. I will never forget the sadness I felt as I watched the planes crash into the Twin Towers. It’s a day I will never forget.

Ann Miller Spry

I was at work in the beauty shop at Genesis Healthcare in Salisbury. A nurse ran in and told us a plane hit the World Trade Center. As I pushed a lady in her wheelchair back into her room, the second plane hit and I saw it on her TV. We finished up the people in the shop and went home early. It was a scary sad time.

Anne Rollins

I was working at Bank of the Carolinas. We gathered in the board room, formed a circle, held hands and prayed. A day that I will never forget.

Pat Karnes

I was working at Southwood Elementary when my brother, Donnie Beck, called and told me. It was a day I will never forget.

Melody Morton

Teaching EC at Shady Grove. Walked from my room through the media center and saw an assistant staring at a TV in disbelief. When I saw I was shocked! Saw the second plane hit the tower. Still remember that day!

Michelle Tesh

I was sitting at my desk getting ready to start my day. It was announced on the radio and I actually thought it was a joke at first. Went to the break room and the TV was on showing everything that was happening. Just sat down and started crying. I will never forget.

Carol O’Brien Warchol

I was working at Wm. R Davie. My room was near the parking lot and I watched as parents came to get their children all day long.

Eddie Frank

Was just fixing to go out the door to go to work and first plane hit and didn’t leave TV for next two days

Brooke Potts

I was working at Caudell Lumber Co. in Mocksville. And I remember we all stood there watching it in silence.

Christen McKinney

I was working at McDonald’s. I had just graduated Davie High in May, a little older lady come though and told me a plane had crashed into one of the Twin Towers. Very sad and horrific day in U.S. history

Tabitha Solomon Hall

I was a sophomore in high school. That was back in the day when the television sets were on rolling carts and I remember my teacher getting word of the news and went and found a TV and rolled it into my classroom. I remember him telling the class that what was happening was history and we watched in horror the rest of the day.

Janie Brown Phillips

I was watching with my father when he was dying of cancer and will never forget him saying that he sure wasn’t going to be alone. I was speechless! Miss him very much!

Angela Potts White

Davie High. Mr. Jenkin’s English class. We turned the TV on and just watched and every few minutes he would “guys pay attention this is gonna be history one day”

Chinera Latham

Jim and I had been out for a walk. Jim was a commercial pilot. When we walked in the door we could see the phone beeping with numerous calls wanting to know where he was based that day. We knew something was terribly wrong, so we turned on the TV. We sat there in disbelief. At that moment, we chose to believe someone had wandered into restricted airspace. The media was tentatively saying it was a commercial airliner, but no idea which airline. He told me the reasons a commercial plane would never wander into that airspace. About that time, the second plane came into view. Jim was visibly upset, repeating the plane shouldn’t be there. Jim kept saying the pilot didn’t have control of the plane. Once the second plane hit the tower, all we could do was watch in silent horror.

Jason Clark

I was an Army Special Forces Green Beret, my team was in the gym working out. We were getting ready to deploy to Cambodia the next week. Guess what….my flight plans changed and I was headed somewhere else within the next couple of months!

Ryan Hepler

I was home from kindergarten, sick, that day. Mom had me in the living room so she could keep an eye on me, when we saw it happen on the Today Show. I didn’t really understand what was going on.

Julie Coleman Phelps

On my way to a home visit as I was working as Social Worker at Davie Co Health Dept. I could barely get out of my car when I got to the home visit.

Susan Gentry Kirk

Teaching at Davie High. Announcement came on to turn on TVs in class. Shocked.

Edwina Boger Gaddy

Just starting my day feeding babies their bottle, watching Today Show and horrified at what was getting ready to transpire.

Jennifer Roberson Dehring

Working at CCB. My stomach dropped like a ton of bricks.