County Line: Fish fry Sept. 18 at Calvary Baptist

Published 9:08 am Thursday, September 9, 2021

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By Shirley Thorne

County Line Correspondent

Upcoming events: community-wide fish fry hosted by Calvary Baptist Saturday, Sept. 18; homecoming at Pleasant View Baptist Sunday, Sept. 18; and homecoming celebrating 200th year at Society Baptist Sunday, Sept. 19, followed by revival at 7 p.m. Monday, Sept. 20-Wednesday, Sept. 22.

Since the early 1950s, a popular Labor Day event in the South has been the Darlington Southern 500 NASCAR Race. This year one of my two favorite drivers, Denny Hamlin, won. I hope one day to see that race in person, but it still holds a special spot in memories.

About 1958 Daddy helped to organize a reunion of the Stroud Grade School; which was on Ridge Road near the home of my grandparents, who boarded the teachers. Daddy had found that teacher Miss Effie Booe was living in Hartsville, S.C. On our way home from Cherry Grove Beach one Sunday, we detoured to Hartsville to visit Miss Booe. As a teenager, I just wanted to get home and was not looking forward to a boring afternoon visit with Daddy’s “old maid school teacher.”  Miss Booe welcomed us with surprise and great joy. At some point Daddy had asked her about the racetrack. Later as we were getting ready to leave, she politely excused herself to use her phone. The next thing I knew a friend of Miss Booe was giving us a guided tour of the track and a personal ride around the oval. He told us that one had to drive at least 60 mph to stay on the track due to the high banking and then let Daddy take the wheel. As a big NASCAR fan, I can say that afternoon was not boring and a favored memory.

Miss Booe came to the next school reunion and spend the weekend with our family. I have not seen her since then, but for many years I have tried to find when and where she died and where she is buried.  Based on newspaper articles from the 1920s -1930s, I think she had relatives in the northern part of Davie, perhaps the Bear Creek area.  I am sharing this story in hopes that some reader can answer some of my questions and will call or write.

Bailey Rogers has improved and is recuperating at home. Alice C. Waugh remains in rehab at Davie Nursing and Rehab Center of Mocksville.

Join us in prayer for the Lord’s divine healing and blessings upon Bailey, Alice, and others who are having health problems.  Remember in prayer those families affected by the devastation of massive Hurricane Ida and the families affected by the student shooting at Mount Tabor High School in adjacent Forsyth County last week.

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