Bullhole duck race fun in the South Yadkin

Published 9:52 am Thursday, August 19, 2021

By KC Smith

Cooleemee Correspondent

It was hot and humid but the South Yadkin River was cooler for the annual duck race at RiverPark at Cooleemee Falls on Saturday.

Those three things are a great combination for summer weather and having fun at the “Bull Hole.”

Tiny babies were cuddled up to their mom in the shade sleeping away. Dog’s paws were cooled off in the trickling waters while some cooled off at the falls.

Some rode the rapids on an inner tube, and others used their bodies: some slid down the bedrock on their backs, stomachs or bottoms, but either way, it was fun.

This year in the spring the flooding waters changed the landscape again to a sandy beach area. A steep embankment was formed to the edge of the water. Most kids love it for they roll like a ball down the hill and do a quick wash off in the water.

Hamburgers, hotdogs, ice cream and drinks were available at the shelter.

One thousand ducks were sold and all proceeds go to maintain a clean, safe environment for all to come and enjoy.

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