Letter to the editor: Liberal bias drumbeat getting louder

Published 10:16 am Friday, August 6, 2021

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To the editor:

I have a totally different take on why some of the country will not get vaccinated and it goes totally against what I see in most of the letters.

I pin most all the blame on Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden. It never gets mentioned because it does not fit the typical narrative, but who remembers then VP candidate Harris’ statement about the vaccine back in October 2020? On Oct. 8 in the VP debate, she said “if Donald Trump tells us we should take it, I’m not taking it.”  She was criticized for that by then VP Mike Pence for “undermining public confidence in the vaccine just because it came from the Trump administration.”

On July 28, Aug. 6 and Sept. 2, Candidate Biden made statements that all undermined the vaccine. He got taken to task by Dr. Anthony Fauci when he testified to Congress about the safety and scientific integrity of the vaccines. Yet before they were even inaugurated, Harris and Biden had been vaccinated, but have yet to give credit to then President Trump for the speed and efficiency in which he got Operation Warp Speed up and running.

My opinion is that if Harris and Biden had not criticized the vaccine last fall, given President Trump credit where credit was due for getting it done and now ask him for help with public service announcements asking people to get vaccinated, there might be more movement.

Turning to the press and their coverage on Covid, where have they been on those Texas state house Democrats escaping their duties in Texas?  They all got on an airplane and flew to D.C., partying and drinking beer, all the while creating a super-spreader event by not wearing masks. And of course at least six of them came down with positive symptoms for Covid.  Nothing was ever seen of course in our local newspapers, MSNBC, CNN or all the regular news channels. None ever say a single thing either about the crisis at the Southern border with all the Covid-positive illegal aliens being allowed to cross the border, bringing in who knows how many strains and variants of the Covid virus.

We have seen many reports about the huge party scene up at the highly liberal Hamptons. How many masks are being worn up there by all the hundreds gathering every night to party? And just this week it came out that former President Barack Obama was going to have a 60th birthday party with about 600 people invited to his estate at Martha’s Vineyard. Super-spreader anybody? But now since some parts of the media have gotten wind of it and exposed the plans, he has now cut it back to only 200 family members and close friends. I would hate to think of the total media meltdown if either any of these events had been done by Republicans or the Trump family.  We would have had non-stop coverage by all networks and articles every day in every newspaper instead of the crickets we have been getting.

The liberal bias drumbeat just gets louder and louder.

John Nelms,    Advance