Letter to the editor: Take a stand against mask mandate

Published 8:36 am Monday, July 26, 2021

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To the editor:

With only a few weeks left before the start of the school year, it is imperative that we take a stand against wearing masks before the board members mandates wearing them.   A parent should be allowed to decide if their child should or should not wear a mask while in school.

The facts, logic and common sense do not add up to masking.  However, if a parent wants their child to wear a mask, that is their decision to make.  Let masks or no masks be an option.    

Contact Jeff Wallace (wallacej@davie.k12.nc.us) or the board members and let your voices be heard. Numerous surrounding counties have opted not to wear masks. If you aren’t an advocate for your child now, what comes next.   

Clint Junker, Chair, 336 751-3829, junkerc@davie.k12.nc.us; Wendy Horne, vice chair, 336 998-4678, hornew@davie.k12.nc.us; Paul Drechsler, 336 751-5443, drechslerp@davie.k12.nc.us; Dub Potts, 336 998-6526, pottsd@davie.k12.nc.us; Lori Smith, 336 491-2300, smithls@davie.k12.nc.us; David Carroll, 336 978-1794, carrolld@davie.k12.nc.us; Cammie Webb, 336 407-5559, webbc@davie.k12.nc.us.

Tronia Gibson