Letter to the editor: Mandatory vaccinations welcomed

Published 12:37 pm Sunday, July 25, 2021

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To the editor:

A very loud thanks to the several healthcare companies which announced mandatory vaccinations for its employees. It is long-settled law that private companies (and evolving law for public employers) may mandate such measures.

As Americans we rightly take pride in our fierce assertion of individual rights and our unique Constitutional limitations on government.

But, none of our rights is an absolute. Every one is a balancing of one’s rights against another’s, or of one’s rights against the group. When we cannot agree on that balance, our courts have drawn the line for us.

Where there is a compelling or urgent public health imperative, the balance falls where it always has – on the protection of the public health. In the present case, we have vaccines which have been tested, proven, and administered to hundreds of millions of people for many months.- with some mild expected side effects and virtually no mortal danger.

If anyone wants to pursue conduct that threatens their own life, go ahead.

But when you risk the life and health of others, and when you expect your medical bills to be paid when you are wrong, you do not have that right.

We face a disease that has been identified for barely 18 months – and which mutates constantly.  The studies of Covid19 will go on for years.  For anyone to suggest that they now have all the information to make life, death, and health decisions for other people is the height of hubris.

Jerry Cohen