Letters to the editor: Don’t let Raleigh have louder voices than locals

Published 3:12 pm Friday, July 23, 2021

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To the editor:

My name is Charlin Coley, I am a mother of two children in Davie County Schools – one in middle school and one in elementary school.

First, let me say I have met several of you (board of education members) on different occasions. I have never spoken to you about your roles on the school board. I hope that you all take the time to read each and every email that comes your way.

When I heard that Gov. Cooper was going to require our kids to wear masks for the upcoming school year I wasn’t happy. I couldn’t stay quiet.

Last school year we did the hybrid year. It wasn’t fun. My oldest John, now a seventh grader at North Davie, wasn’t how we expected him to transition into middle school. We hope that he will be able to be in the classroom all year without a mask. When I found out that he had to wear his mask during PE, I was furious. To ask a young person to run around wearing a mask and restrict his breathing was cruel. He did as he was asked.

My daughter is at William R Davie. Parents were asked several times to remind our kids how to wear a mask and that they had to wear it all the time. I wonder how often the teacher had to stop during instructional time to ask a child to put on their mask? They also had to wear it during PE and outside for recess. Outside, really? They are kids that want to be kids.

I ask each of you to wear a mask while exercising and see how you like it. I would bet Gov. Cooper doesn’t either. I noticed during your meeting not every one of you is wearing a mask, so why ask our kids to do the same? You all sit at a table closer than six feet apart and don’t wear masks.

As a parent and resident of Davie County, I ask you to please do what is best for our kids. I feel as if you have let those in Raleigh have a louder voice than the parents of Davie County. Remember, we voted for you, not them.

I don’t want my kids to have to wear a mask for another school year. Enough is Enough.  If some parents want their kids to wear them let them. Don’t force those of us who don’t want them to have to.

In closing, I ask again that you all think about what is best for our kids. Parents need to be a part of this decision. thank you for taking the time out and reading my email.

Charlin Coley, Mocksville