Letter to the Editor: Biden a liar and hypocrite

Published 2:12 pm Saturday, July 17, 2021

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To the editor:

If all you ever watch on TV news is MSNBC or CNN you might never know the truth about the crisis at the southern border. In June 2020 only 33,049 migrants were encountered there. The June 2021 the numbers were staggering. There were 188,829 and were another 180,034 in May. That is a sharp rise from when President Biden took office and only 78,442 encountered in January. It has also been confirmed by whistleblowers that the Biden administration has used the US military to secretly move illegal immigrants throughout the United States.

In comparison, Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas, letting in all of these illegal immigrants at the southern border, just made a big show about not letting in anybody fleeing Cuba or Haiti by boat and will not allow them to enter the U.S., even if they demonstrate fear of being persecuted or tortured in their home countries. Possible reasons of course is that Cuban Americans tend to vote Republican.

Something else you won’t see on those channels is the average gas prices for July 4 weekend 2020 were $2.17 and 2021 they were $3.09. I guess shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline wasn’t smart. When will those networks start carrying polling that say most Americans support funding the policy instead of defunding? 538 Politics polling show 58 percent support the police and many Democratic pollsters now show a huge “Red Wave” is forming for the 2022 mid-term elections because of the prior stances of many legislators. Many are also learning of the huge lies that have been told in the media as it relates to the voting stances of many states, many of which are being highly hypocritical since they are much more restrictive than what has come out about the state of Georgia, where this firestorm started. Take the President’s own state of Delaware for instance. While he has called both Georgia and Texas laws “Jim Crow” era, his own state does not allow no-excuse absentee ballots and does have voter ID. Early voting is only allowed for those who qualify for an absentee ballot. Biden is a full blown liar and hypocrite and the media lets him do it. Shame on them.

If you also check the state of Colorado where MLB switched the All-Star game to, it also had far more restrictive voting than did the new Georgia laws. Check out this total BS that the Democrats from Texas are pulling by flying to D.C. to get out voting in their legislature by not having a quorum–they partied on the plane and did not wear masks and it will be funny when we see who paid for their two planes [my guess is Soros]. But what they may not realize is that the laws that Texas is trying to pass are going to be better overall than what the laws were prior to Covid. What they had in place in 2020 were only temporary and the old laws automatically revert back by statute unless new laws get passed.

Now that is funny.

John Nelms,     Bermuda Run