Public Records for July 1,2021

Published 9:56 am Thursday, July 1, 2021

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The following were issued marriage licenses by the Davie Register of Deeds.

– Matthew Stephen Binkley, 21, and Kristen Dene Seats, 21, both of Mocksville.

– Allison Ivey Ercol, 23, and Ian Allen Foster, 23, of Pennsylvania.

– Jennifer Louise Cope, 32, and Ashlyn Nicole Helms, 30, of Mocksville.

– Brandy Cheri Smith, 36, of Lexington, and Travis Jake Johnson, 39, of Statesville.

– Victor Alfonso Mariano Rivera, 28, and Rosalinda Davalos Cipres, 28, of Cooleemee.

– Hunter Lane Mesimer, 24, of Woodleaf, and Jennifer Renee McCollum, 24, of China Grove.

– Markelle Dewan Johnson, 26, and Kamia Shantrell Lane, 30, of Mocksville.

– Bryce An Kalani Greene, 24, and Mitchell David Mayfield Ijames, 20, of Mocksville.

– Brian Richard Osbourn, 24, and Kathryn Martha Adkins, 24, of Mocksville.

– Greg Allan Hilsmier, 50, and Sherrill Renee Darnell, 50, of Mocksville.

– Joseph Stolfzfus Byler, 60, of Mocksville, and Gloria Joy Coates, 63, of Cleveland.

– Joshua Rhyan Morgan, 37, and Shayna Wynne Johnson, 32, of Advance.

– Amee Earlene Chapell, 57, and Wade Jonathan Sykes, 55, of Advance.

– Monica Elaine Randall, 32, and Bradley Alan Mounts, 38, of Mocksville.

– Ashley Renea Ledford, 34, of Mocksville, and Tony Allen Duncan, 31, of Kernersville.

– James Michael Doby, 37, and Courtney Rose Towner, 34, of Mocksville.

– Brianna Lea Degroot, 32, and Benjamin Miles Hurlbut, 29, of Pfafftown.

– Ashlyn Brooke Coley, 25, and Daniel Slate King, 28, of Clemmons.

– Morgan Alaine Sapp, 29, and James Garrett Dewitt, 26, of Advance.

– Katina Catherine Cook, 22, and Jordan Wesley Durham, 27, of Mocksville.

– Gregory Elton Cranfill, 40, of Mocksville, and Carrie Jo Carter, 42, of Advance.

– Lindsey Nicole Goins, 29, and Jonathon Robert Johnson, 30, of Statesville.

– Ashley Nicole Ingram, 36, and Michael Gray Smith, 37, of Advance.

– Victoria Ann Hardy, 61, and Crystal Dawn Pierce, 58, of Mocksville.

– Katelyn Nuresa Rath, 33, and Phillip Andrew Wogatzke, 36, both of Mocksville.

– Autumn Paige Denniston, 27, and George Randall Hoffman Jr., 32, of Walnut Cove.

– Jonathan Eric Walser, 38, and Kelsey Alexandria Hull, 29, of Mocksville.

– Ryan Alister Foster, 27, and Erika Caroline Coffey, 27, of Leland.

– McKenzie Erin Bryant, 25, of Winston-Salem, and Isaac Timothy McCulloh, 26, of Mocksville.

– Emma Marie Hobson, 30, and Randy Alexander Kennedy, 28, of Landis.

– Octavio Mena Perez, 26, and Elizabeth Almazan Ruano, 24, of Mocksville.

– Benjamin Michael Thomas Donathan, 29, and Ashlyn Kay Byerly, 27, of Clemmons.

– Tanya Mae Smith, 33, and Michael Wayne Hepler, 35, of Courtney.

– Timothy Lee Willis, 50, and Teresa Ann Haak, 47, of Lexington.

– Morgan Brooke Hendrix, 24, and David Michael Hastings, Jr., 30, of Woodleaf.

– Anthony William Courtney, 38, and Darinka Ann Mauldin, 35, of Mocksville.

– Caitlin Brooke Hicks, 26, and Russell Michael Orner Jr., 50, of Mocksville.

– Cesar Herrera Rodriguez, 27, and Diana Acencio Trejo, 25, both of Mocksville.

– Kelsey Christine Killeen, 25, and Grant Collin Smith, 26, of Jamestown.

– Steven Brian Caetta, 50, and Brandy Michelle Morton, 44, both of Advance.

– Barry Lee Sessoms, 56, and Amanda Marie Charles, 34, of Mocksville.

– Nicklaus Andrew Campbell, 33, and Melanie Gregina Potkay, 37, of Lexington.

– Briana Gutierrez Sanchez, 26, and Diego Jose Flores Carranza, 23, of Mocksville.

– Clelvir Alexis Perez, 37, and Jessica Elizabeth Escobar, 38, of Mocksville.

– Jennifer Lynette Isgett, 51, and Walter Leonard Poulsen, 54, both of Mocksville.

– Amy Lynn Speckin, 45, of Mocksville, and Kevin Chad Wooten, 46, of Lexington.

– Jason Paul Hollars, 47, and Lisa Renee Shoemaker, 45, of Advance.

– Destiny Angelique Fisher, 22, and Patrick David Harris, 30, of Mocksville.

– James David Fenton, 41, and Lorann Louise Schmidt, 38, of Lexington.

– Griselda Alina Bonilla, 24, and Cresencio Ocampo Cortes, 25, of Mocksville.

– Lewis Carol Carter, 82, and Twyla Jean Brown, 83, of Advance.

– Michael Alan McGaugh, 61, and Debra Louise Bertrand, 64, of Mocksville.

– Mariah Lynn Schweitzer, 25, and Trey Edward Mishue, 26, of Winston-Salem.

– Nicolas Ryan Cole, 26, and Haley Nichole Crater, 25, of Lewisville.

– Shawn Curtis Fearnside, 35, and Dorothy Ashlie Hazelwood, 50, of Mocksville.

– Kathy Paulette Neely, 62, of Mocksville, and Erwin Randall Davidson, 63, of Statesville.

– Maryann Preston, 41, of Shelby, and Glenn Thomas Ealy, 45, of Mocksville.

– Miranda Rose Dalton, 25, and Jeffrey Lee O’Neal, 26, of Advance.

– Stephen Daniel Shea, 45, and Erin Lynn Hege, 38, of Advance.

– Gregory Lynn Hicks, 42, and Retha Mae Williams, 26, of Mocksville.

– Deyanira Oliva Hernandez, 27, and Laken Lynn Haynes, 26, of Mocksville.

– Chancey Louise Odonits, 24, and Christopher Michael Hester, 28, of Mocksville.


The following were arrested by the Davie County Sheriff’s Department.

June 25: Samuel Dean James, 41, of Gladstone Road, Mocksville, larceny of vehicle.

June 23: Rickey Dean McClamrock, 33, of Sheffield Road, Harmony, cruelty to animals.

June 22: Jonathan Lee Cross, 57, of Rural Hall, failure to report new address as a sex offender; Stefanie Renee Golds, 33, of County Home Road, Mocksville, assault; Kayla Marie Stanley, 36, of Mountview Drive, Mocksville, possession of marijuana, possession with intent to sell or deliver methamphetamine, maintaining a vehicle or dwelling for controlled substances, cruelty to animals, possession of marijuana paraphernalia; Matthew Dean Stanley, 30, of Mountview Drive, Mocksville, possession of drug paraphernalia, cruelty to animals; Joshua Phillip Lee Wade,32, of Winston-Salem, possession of Schedule IV controlled substance, possession of methamphetamine, carrying a concealed weapon.

June 21: David Lee Mullins, 43, of Caravan Lane, Mocksville, domestic violence protective order violation; Matthew Dean Stanley, 29, of Mountview Drive, Mocksville, maintaining a vehicle or dwelling for a controlled substance, possession with intent to sell or deliver methamphetamine, possession of marijuana and paraphernalia; Andrew Ventimiglia Jr., 28, of Clemmons, 3 counts larceny, failure to appear in court; Joshua Philip Lee Wade, 32, of Winston-
Salem, failure to appear in court; assault, driving while license revoked, improper vehicle registration, possession drug paraphernalia.

June 20: Laura Jane Shoaf,50, of Salisbury, felony stalking.

Sheriff’s Dept.

The following are from Davie County Sheriff’s Deparment reports.

June 26: domestic disturbance, Fairfield Road, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, J&L Farm Lane, Mocksville; burglary, Swicegood St., Mocksville; disturbance, Creason Road, Mocksville; disturbance, Creekside Drive, Mocksville; communicating threats, Twin Cedars Golf Road, Mocksville; domestic assist, Yadkin Valley Road, Advance, domestic disturbance, NC 801 S., Mocksville; suspicious activity, Center United Methodist Church, US 64 W., Mocksville; disturbance, US 64 W., Mocksville; communicating threats, Vircasdell Lane, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Blue Bonnett Court, Mocksville.

June 25: disturbance, Salisbury Road, Mocksville; disturbance, Lowder Lane, Mocksville; suspicious activity, NC 801 N., Bermuda Run; disturbing the peace, Fescue Drive, Bermuda Run; fraud, California Lane, Mocksville; disturbance, Shirley’s Way, Mocksville; damage to property, Bethel Church Road, Mocksville; sex offense, Marconi St., Mocksville; communicating threats, US 601 S., Mocksville; larceny, Hobson Drive, Mocksville; burglary, Hope Lane, Mocksville; suspicious activity,
Woodward Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Legion Hut Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity,N. Hiddenbrooke Drive, Advance.

June 24: suspicious activity, Hillsdale West Drive, Advance; fraud, US 64 W., Mocksville; trespassing, County Line Road, Harmony; disturbance, Hobson Drive, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Hobson Drive, Mocksville; disturbance, I-40 MM174, Mocksville; fraud, Clayton Drive, Mocksville; fraud, Cooper Creek Drive, Mocksville; disturbance, Redmeadow Drive, Advance; trespassing, Cooper Creek Drive, Mocksville; fraud, Junction Road, Mocksville; fraud, Stepping Stones Lane, Mocksville; disturbance, NC 801 S., Mocksville; fraud, Edgewood Circle, Mocksville; burglary, Brier Creek Road, Advance; fraud, Government Center
Drive, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Davie Academy Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, North Forke Drive, Bermuda Run; communicating threats, US 64 E., Mocksville.

June 23: fight, Grove St., Cooleemee; disturbing the peace, Bridgewater Drive, Bermuda Run; trespassing, US 64 E., Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Cana Road, Mocksville; fraud, Government Center Drive, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Pointe House Lane, Mocksville; disturbance, Northridge Court, Mocksville; burglary, Flat Rock Road, Mocksville; disturbance, Wall St., Mocksville; communicating threats, US 64 E., Mocksville; suspicious activity, Cornatzer Road, Mocksville; sex offense, Royal Troon Lane, Bermuda Run; suspicious activity, Duke St., Cooleemee.

June 22: disturbing the peace, Deadmon Road, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Granada Drive, Advance; domestic assist, Guinevere Lane, Mocksville; suspicious activity, NC 801 S., Cooleemee; larceny, US 601 S., Mocksville; disturbance, US 601 S., Mocksville; fraud, Vineyard Lane, Mocksville; larceny, Will Boone Road, Mocksville; fraud, Wellington Court, Advance; fraud, Sain Road, Mocksville; fraud, Chunn Lane, Mocksville; suspicious activity, James Road, Advance; suspicious activity, Fork Bixby Road, Advance.

June 21: sex offense, County Home Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, US 64 E., Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Deck Circle, Mocksville; disturbance, County Home Road, Mocksville; larceny, Irishman Place, Advance; damage to property, James Road, Advance; suspicious activity, US 601 S., Mocksville; unauthorized use of vehicle, Laurens Court, Advance; fraud, Fork Bixby Road, Advance; suspicious activity, Copperfield Drive, Mocksville; larceny, Salisbury Road, Mocksville; fraud, US 158, Bermuda Run; suspicious activity, Gladstone Road, Mocksville.

June 20: trespassing, Gladstone Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Junction/Ratledge roads, Mocksville; larceny, Liberty Church Road, Yadkinville; domestic disturbance, Stacee Trail, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Fletcher St., Mocksville; suspicious activity, Nolley/Gladstone roads, Mocksville; communicating threats, County Line Road, Harmony; arson, N. Main St., Mocksville; larceny, US 64 E., Mocksville; suspicious activity, US 158, Bermuda Run; disturbing the peace, Nolley Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Clark Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity,. US 601 S., Mocksville; suspicious activity, Legion Hut Road, Mocksville.